Spoken Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

09 November 2022


Alan_, Dee, IrfanA, janina, NeilS, SteveNoble
Irfan Ali
Irfan Ali, IrfanA

Meeting minutes


mhakkinen: What concerns me is the content bloat and authoring challenge of wrapping individual words with multiple elements to properly form the SSML markup. I see this occurring a lot with MathML in HTML when used to “style” a variable occurring in the text.


mhakkinen: A key disadvantage is that inline SSML appears to be more difficult for Assistive Technologies to implement, specifically for screen reader

janina: if we are not ready to ask WHATWG, then we need to figure out our approach

mhakkinen: If we see our goal to control the presentation of the text in web content, how would in-line addresses the concerns which is difficult to do

mhakkinen: may be WHATWG can think of better way to do iot

janina: may be they can help us to do it more effectively

janina: we are looking for their help in figuring this help.

janina: I will work on this DRAFT to convey our message more effectively

janina: asking some help from them is reasonable

mhakkinen: it is good to bring back Joanie in this conversation since she has solid expertise in this matter

mhakkinen: another person is Glen Gordon that we can bring back to this conversation

janina: let me take another look into this DRAFT to ask help from WHATWG

mhakkinen: CSS. can do some of this but not everything

Agenda Review & Announcements

Action Items https://github.com/w3c/pronunciation/wiki/DRAFT-:-Response-to-WHAT

IrfanA: Email from Publishing A11Y task force

Hello, In the Publishing Community Group, we have created the User Experience Guide to help retailers and libraries provide meaning full accessibility metadata. One of the Schema.org features is “TTS Markup” The guidance information says: If specific markup is provided to assist TTS pronunciation, the type should be included. Our question, “What should be in the example text, ” It is OK to have more than one ex[CUT]

We do not want anything long and we do not need links to specifications. Something like: TTS markup using SSML has been provided for uncommon proper names. Or XYZ markup was used for important terms.

NeilS: we are not at point where we can suggest markup yet

mhakkinen: EPUB may have some examples

mhakkinen: we have referenced in our gap-analysis document

<mhakkinen> <p><span ssml:alphabet="ipa" ssml:ph="ipʌb">EPUB</span> is an …</p>

<mhakkinen> https://www.w3.org/publishing/epub3/epub-contentdocs.html#sec-xhtml-ssml-attrib

mhakkinen: will write the response to George

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