Issue Severity 2, week 1

12 October 2022


Azlan, Francis_Storr, sarahhorton, ShawnT
Francis_Storr, Sarah, sarahhorton

Meeting minutes

Tentative reschedule for 7am PT, 10am ET, 3pm BT

Francis_Storr: Intros

Azlan: Joined conformance subgroup, works for Just Giving, owned by Blackboard, fundraising for charities, front-end engineer, team lead
… more exposure to people using AT, need awareness

Francis_Storr: Works for Intel, accessibility, W3C for couple years

ShawnT: Digital accessibility tech advisory for Canadian fed gov, 15 years, accessibility coding, publishing, advising, 18 months with AGWG
… also COGA

<ShawnT> https://github.com/w3c/silver/wiki/Issue-Severity-2-Subgroup

Francis_Storr: Goal, build off previous work
… "The goal is to further explore the ideas of issue severity in context, and of defining issue severity at a test level."

ShawnT: AGWG discussions about issue severity, test level, anyone going against that approach?

sarahhorton we're at a crossroads where we can look at the feedback we've got. we could assess and see if we need to reset, or we can just say let's keep going down the path we're on
… if this group has a hesitation on moving down the path, we should reset. where are we as a group?
… the direction where I think we're going is to pick up where we left off with looking at issue severity at the test level
… this is impacted at the user's context and how do we account for that?

Azlan: Fair bit of room within scope, further explore ideas, leaves space to work in
… goal is pretty clear, a lot of work gone into where we are
… no cause for concern with what's there in goal statement

<Francis_Storr> TPAC presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1agb_XbMzroRtbscmDIMH1BxqZgDdWymqoxvLESN1LJA/edit#slide=id.p

<Francis_Storr> Critical severity worksheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MEdnI4CvrTlq1843MZfWLaIBGmoGXXQPpUOhEY1NgV4/edit#gid=412502721

sarah walks through the critical severity worksheet, explaining the previous subgroup's work

sarahhorton: maybe we could approach this as to help people understand what's critical. it would help designers and developers focus on context, and the critical issues and to address them.

Francis_Storr: Review questions that came out, questions in editor's note

<ShawnT> https://github.com/w3c/silver/pull/656

Francis_Storr: Not yet reviewed or published

Francis_Storr: Critical severity issue worksheet, need to update the columns to incorporate all the functional needs

ShawnT: Comes from Functional Needs worksheet, incomplete
… In the columns, user needs, we need to be able to include multiple user needs

<ShawnT> https://docs.google.com/document/d/16ZeCqTRTY0lmWvp1Xv_wO0iH1OzyECBa1UXQ_UeocjQ/edit?pli=1#heading=h.4jiwp8jpc143

ShawnT: User needs worksheets, 2 worksheets, includes user needs from functional needs document
… two sheets, one with names of user needs, second by main, secondary, and user need
… gets detailed

Francis_Storr: Next week?

Azlan: Read through everything shared

Francis_Storr: Working meeting before AGWG next week

ShawnT: Survey responses from the AGWG survey, before TPAC
… put in our Google doc to review

<Francis_Storr> francis to book optional working meeting for next week, one hour before AGWG call

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