Maturity Model

12 October 2022


CharlesL, Fazio, Fazio_, JakeAbma, janina, jlkline, kline, Lionel_Wolberger, Lionel_Wolberger_, maryjom, nadine, present, Sheri_B-H
Fazio, SBH
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Meeting minutes

Check in with Charles on Maturity Model Pilot project.

David: Charles has regrets for the next two weeks, will give us an update on the 26th

Continue discussion on whether or not to use Slack to provide feedback on Maturity Model FPWD

Draft Resolution: Use Slack to communicate with the public for Q&A, which will be archived to Git by Michael

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<Fazio_> -1

<Fazio_> Slack decision is tabled for now

Explore expanding Maturity Model Subgroup into a task force for APA re-chartering next year

Sheri and David: concerns over informal communications, the instantaneous nature of Slack might trigger a response that wouldn't occur in Git

<JakeAbma> 1p'

Sheri: What's the difference between a subgroup and a task force

Janina: Task Forces have a work statement

Janina: more meetings for co-facilitators

Janina: takes away one level of bureaucracy

Janina: Thought about it quite a bit over the past week, doesn't think it works for MM because you can't use it to establish conformance

Janina: Doesn't think APA would oppose move to TF, but need to articulate a reason

Janina: Need to put together roadmap for circulating second wide draft and plan for HTML forms

Janina: MM will be specifically named in APAs next charter

Janina: as a deliverable

Janina and Sheri: Forms should be HTML interface only, there are many legal reasons (subpoenas, privacy, GDPR) that we don't want to host the data

Janina: next APA charter will last until July 31, 2025

Brian: will be providing feedback after filtering out internal questions

New business

Brian: Two questions: 1) With large companies, should this model be done dimension by dimension, or should it be done for the entire corporation?

Sheri: You can do it dimension by dimension if you have some who want to do it more quickly and some that are lagging

Sheri: Having some early wins might convince owners of the other dimensions to get on board

Brian: There is some overlap (for example, comms and executive support)

Brian: a dashboard will be helpful, so you can see the maturity for the entire organization

Sheri: right now, we have a simplified scoring mechanism - total points earned divided by available points

Sheri: Some organizations may want to weight the proof point values

Janina: we will start going through issues next week

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