ixml Group Teleconference

11 October 2022


Bethan, John, Michael, Norm, Steven

Meeting minutes

<cmsmcq> Good morning, all.


ACTION (2022-06-21): Tom to set up a schematron demo


ACTION (2022-09-13): John to report how many Earley items are reduced

by the changed rewrite rules.


ACTION (2022-09-13): Steve to draft text (in HTML) to resolve the

erratum in issue #145

[Done; please check]

ACTION (2022-09-13): Norm to try out the stylesheet PI trick on the

XML version of the ixml grammar.


Status of implementations

Steven: v4 is up. Mostly code cleanup. Some better error messages. Warns about unreachable rules.

Norm: No change

MSM: None

Steven: I also published my code (using ixml)
… also working on my tutorial.

Status of testing and test suites

Norm: There were commits for a couple of additional ambiguous cases

Issue #145 Character class "LC" doesn't match our grammar

MSM: We agreed to change. We need to confirm the changes.


<norm> https://invisiblexml.org/1.0/errata.html

Norm: Errata is fine

Steven: I'm fine with Norm's version. My action remains to update a future version of the spec.

ACTION: Norm to move the erratum from 'Proposed' to 'Accepted'.

Norm: I would like to propiose spec build process

Spec build process

Norm: I propose moving sources around, and building our docs automatically, so we get to see diff markups.
… Using DeltaXML, for which I have a licence

MSM: Is it possible to inject a paragraph to acknowledge DeltaXML?

Norm: I added a next and previous change button
… all it means is that there will be a source directory
… for this change, edit the spec and make a pull request
… I'll take the action to incorporate the erratum and explain how it works

Bethan: If it's an erratum, it goes into a v1.1?

Norm: Yes, there will be a 1.1 for the change

MSM: 1.0 directory is sacred

Implementation reports (version)

John: I've updated and released a v1
… with drag and drop

John: Ambiguity can be a problem.

Issue #147 Are control characters allowed in an ixml grammar?

Norm: Control characters crash my parser.
… Because it goes through the XML

Bethan: Don't we already cover this?

MSM: Yes and no.

Norm: If so, can we make it more explicit?

MSM: Or otherwise if it doesn't, do we want to say that?
… I have a bias. My parser won't accept such grammars

John: Mine will.

<norm> https://github.com/invisibleXML/ixml/issues/147

Norm: Some ixml grammars have no XML representation

John: Some implementations can, some can't

MSM: I am reluctant to push hard.
… because it gets to talking about implementation choices.
… on the other hand, different behaviours is problematic

MSM: I don't want to push either way.

Bethan: What is the status of the XML serialisation of the ixml grammar?

MSM: some conforming grammars have no conforming XML representation

Bethan: XML representations are dependent on the ixml syntax?
… so the ixml format is logically prior to the XML format

MSM: I would like to check that claim
… yes you are right

Steven: Couldn't we just say implementations should warn?
… I would worry that future targets would add new restrictions to ixml

Steven: We could warn about grammars that wouldn't have an XML representation

MSM: I could live with that.

Steven: How about demanding that control characters always be encoded, and not allowed in strings?

Norm: Forbidding tabs would be good anyway, since they are not visible.

MSM: What is the set of Unicode characters that are not XML characters?

Norm: Differs between XML versions.
… 5th ed forbids c0 and c1

MSM: No, c1 is allowed
… So proposal: String literals in the ixml grammar should exclude all c0 characters. (Or or c0 and c1)

Norm: I could live with either of those
… I think it would be more consistent to forbid both

Steven: I'd like to have time for this to sink in

ACTION: Norm to write a proposal that covers the c0 c1 problem in strings

Issue #138 Home page links to ixml.xml and ixml.ixml

Norm: I'd like to have two links, one that displays, and one that downloads

MSM: You wanted the XML to behave similarly to the IE or Firefox behaviour

Norm: I will do this.

ACTION: Norm to make XML displayable in all browsers


MSM: Next month's meeting raising the question which is our normative timezone

Next call 15th November

Time: Same clocktime as this call


ACTION: Norm to inform group how build process will work

Summary of action items

  1. Norm to move the erratum from 'Proposed' to 'Accepted'.
  2. Norm to write a proposal that covers the c0 c1 problem in strings
  3. Norm to make XML displayable in all browsers
  4. Norm to inform group how build process will work
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