W3C Team, August 2022

Assembled in August 2022, this photo collage features most of the W3C Team, at an era where due to the COVID-19 pandemic we meet on teleconferencing software.

Photo collage of W3C Team profile pictures, August 2022

From top to bottom and left to right:

First row: Zhenjie Li, Hiroko Homma, Coralie Mercier, Jay Kishigami, Angel Li, Karen Myers, Jiaying Liang, Xueyuan Jia, Rigo Wenning.

Second row: Daniel Montalvo, Dave Raggett, Alexandra Lacourba, Shawn Henry, Xiaoqian Wu, François Daoust, Kaz Ashimura, Jean-Gui Rouel, Caroline Baron, Ivan Herman, Vivien Lacourba.

Third row: Eric Prud'hommeaux, Ian Jacobs, Laurent Carcone, Atsushi Shimono, Jun Murai, Dominique Hazaël-Massieux, Bert Bos, Marie-Claire Forgue, Bill Judge.

Fourth row: Gerald Oskoboiny, Sam Weiler, Veronica Thom, Chris Lilley, Judy Brewer, Jeff Jaffe, Philipp Hoschka, Ralph Swick, Roy Ran, Wendy Seltzer, Alan Bird.

Fifth row: Pierre-Antoine Champin, Fuqiao Xue, Steve Lee, Denis Ah-Kang, Chunming Hu, Amy van der Hiel, Philippe Le Hégaret, Mike Smith, Naomi Yoshizawa.

The following W3C Team members, who prefer not to display a profile picture, are not featured: Tim Berners-Lee, Carine Bournez, Michael Cooper, Richard Ishida, José Kahan, Yves Lafon, Susan Westhaver.

See the Team gallery for photos from other years.

Coralie Mercier, W3C
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