issue severity week 5

17 August 2022


alastairc, Francis_Storr, sarahhorton, ShawnT

Meeting minutes

alastairc: presenting the Issue Severity document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/138l-fn_JuKl_lOX90JhywLbz9BK1KmjlLLyUjkoouyM/edit#heading=h.u4q2bwx7l0f0

alastairc: talking about the the critical issues per method section
… you need some form of score
… asked if we agree with this approach?

sarahhorton: there are checks in the WCAG guidelines that currently exist, there are groups of testing
… giving example of alt text guideline tests

alastairc: to follow this approach you will have to review all the failures?

sarahhorton: this is an exercise in checking to see is just to see if we can use this as a building block to see the critical failures

alastairc: asks to see if we looked at other approaches or methods to explore

sarahhorton: could we branch away from the approach, we can come to an agreement to the method we were talking about?

alastairc agrees we could talk it through.
… we should go through other resources

sarahhorton: this is a new concept but there might be a base

alastairc: We are presenting our summary next week, either Tuesday or Friday
… a few slides are needed for the presentation

alastairc: has a few slides about a different approach
… hoping sarahhorton or Francis_Storr would be able to present sarahhorton's approach

sarahhorton: worried that we aren't all aligned in a method as a group
… worried that we are not like other groups that had different methods that seems to make it harder

sarahhorton: try to summaries the different methods

sarahhorton: presenting the spreadsheet, combined tab

… methods and tests tab: test between ourselves to rate different severities
… look at just the ones that are critical
… then we focuses on the Critical Severity Worksheet tab which are rated as critical user needs
… shows that the critical needs that are only critical

alastairc: would this be all the tests?

sarahhorton: if a test does not have severity it won't be listed in the sheet
… this is not complete, there is still work to be done
… we wanted to create a prototype for this matrix

alastairc: This is some foundational work? How would this be used in the guideline?

sarahhorton: we just wanted to have some work to bring back, as a starting point, to build what was in WCAG 3.0 instead of introducing new stuff
… talking about critical barriers with video tests and different user needs and how the severity is critical for some needs

sarahhorton: we were seeing if it was even possible to see if we could rate a process as severity

<Francis_Storr> There is Scoping subgroup, but it's not started: https://github.com/w3c/silver/wiki/Scoping-Subgroup

alastairc: we are trying to improve the flat structure of the WCAG 2 testing process

alastairc: a more granularity of a testing process by checking all the barriers and figure out how bug of a barrier is it for your task

sarahhorton: when doing the test, how severe are the barriers

<alastairc> ShawnT: As an auditor, you wouldn't necessarily want to go through every instance. We'd like to link to WCAG and say "this is a critical barrier".

<alastairc> ... would be good for AG + community to fill this in first, so everyone can use that.

<Francis_Storr> https://github.com/w3c/silver/wiki/Issue-Severity-Subgroup

alastairc: How can we ensure WCAG 3 better reflects the "lived experience" of people with disabilities on the web? Answer: we are creating a more nuance set of tests.

Francis_Storr: we need a plan for next week, putting a presentation together

alastairc: would maybe have some time to work on this

Francis_Storr: is off next week, could do something on Tuesday but can't be there Friday

<Francis_Storr> https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1-9AlgikV9idYF0JZBS8zvmaz9TxyYXt7M1zsNd_JbdI/edit#slide=id.p

sarahhorton: thought this group would have just come up with one method instead of presenting different thoughts of prototypes

alastairc: we can update this and present it as an approach that we have been working on

alastairc: we should look at the core questions and answer them

alastairc: going over the slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1-9AlgikV9idYF0JZBS8zvmaz9TxyYXt7M1zsNd_JbdI/edit#slide=id.g14585acc711_0_0

sarahhorton: how to get people not to see this as scoring

sarahhorton: by trying to define when a failed test is going to impact a user with functional needs

sarahhorton: we don't have a breakdown on how does this affect different critical barriers of user needs

Francis_Storr: will ask Wilco preference for a Tuesday presentation

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