Web Authentication WG

27 July 2022


Akshay, DavidTurner, dveditz, elundberg, JohnBradley, JohnPascoe, MartinKreichgauer, MatthewMiller, Nadalin, Nina, wseltzer

Meeting minutes

Nadalin: register for TPAC if you're going
… we're on for Monday, Sept. 12
… meeting with Payments WG Tuesday, open sessions Wednesday

wseltzer: Please register whether you plan to attend in-person or remotely

Nadalin: we'd like to publish our WD01 of Level 3 sometime before TPAC
… is there a publishing moratorium?

wseltzer: upcoming, the week of TPAC

nadlin: looking to publish the first draft with new PRs
… can publish at any time
… think about publishing after our next meeting
… in 2 weeks


nadalin: 1784
… editorial

matthewmiller: editorial, let's merge

nadalin: no objections? merged

nadalin: 1776

elundberg: looks good

nadalin: objections? merge it

nadalin: 1755
… ready to go unless someone else wants to look at it
… objections?
… merge it

nadalin: 1733

akshay: still reviewing

nadalin: let's hold off

nadalin: 1663, dpk, still in progress

nadalin: Untriaged. 1774

elundberg: has dependencies, let's wait
… please review

nadalin: 1773

elundberg: aims to provide some more precise terminology
… large, so worth reviewing
… also depends on 1771

akshay: why are we doing 1774?

elundberg: trying to clarify UV, mostly for case where you set UV Preferred
… don't know if we want to be this prescriptive
… but apparently people do misuse them

johnbradley: probably not the best to set expectation of how it behaves based on how registered

elundberg: probably worth having a note to store UV bit

nadalin: 1773

elundberg: just needs some review

nadalin: 1772, backup state bits

nadalin: 1771

elundberg: editorial
… this will break some link anchors

nadalin: any objection to doing it?

elundberg: more review?

nadalin: until next meeting

nadalin: 1768

elundberg: also fixes some text in extension section

untriaged issues

nadalin: 1783

elundberg: 1783 was closed by its opener

nadalin: 1782

matthewmiller: any formatting for cddl ?
… to help syntax standout

nina: suggest raising issue with bikeshed

matthewmiller: I'll close this

nadalin: 1779

elundberg: we've gotten this request before, unreliable

nina: it's worth considering

johnbradley: we need platforms to support credential management
… then some flag might be a nice add-on


nadalin: leave it open

nadalin: 1766

dveditz: we're looking at this
… IDs woudl be unique per-extension, stable
… similar to identity API

nadalin: should we close in favor of the webextension issue?

martin: we would need to update webauthn spec for it to be supported

nadalin: look again in 2 weeks


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