Silver Task Force & Community Group

24 June 2022


Chuck, janina, jeanne, Lauriat, Makoto, maryjom, Rachael, sarahhorton

Meeting minutes

Reminder: no meeting next Friday 1 July

Lauriat: First item is quick. No call next week (July 1). A few holidays. We will reconvene Friday after.

Lauriat: What's the conclusion of having an AGWG meeting on the 5th.

Rachael: TBD.

Chuck: Half of respondents said wouldn't make it, we'll make a decision next week.

Sub-group handbook

<Wilco> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_caRiZaTQDmsd2Vq415sz4AIullNse-GeGtohUfg_5M/edit#

Wilco: <sharing link>

Wilco: Introducing proposal that I've been discussing with chairs and planning group.

Wilco: Challenge is that some groups go off w/o too much coordination. What we would like to do moving forward is adjust how sub groups work.

Wilco: More incremental, more focused, and more dedicated time.

Wilco: We are trying out in next month or so...

Wilco: Work in 8 week iterations. At end of 8 weeks, they will have something to present to AGWG for review.

Wilco: After 8 weeks group will be done. We want to work more agile.

Wilco: We previously had waterfall approach.

Wilco: That didn't work out very well, we want to work more iteratively.

Wilco: We'll identify highest priority, assign to sub group, come back in 8 weeks to review work.

Wilco: Groups can stick together over and over if they wish.

Wilco: I've written up a handbook which outlines handbook. Cover starting a group.

Wilco: Each group is expected to have a PR at end of process.

Wilco: PR may go into editors draft.

Wilco: Participating... it is 8 week blocks, we expect participants to be available for 4 hours per week including meeting time. This is not insignificant work, we expect that time to be available.

Wilco: Advantage is to know about the commitment and plan for it for 8 weeks.

Wilco: In terms of timelines, at week 4 we'll have an option to submit to silver task for review. For week 6 can go to AGWG.

Wilco: AGWG can review and adjust last 2 weeks. Exceptions can occur. maybe no PR, different doc. Some groups can run shorter or longer.

Wilco: If there are activities that chairs haven't planned, a new group can be proposed.

Wilco: Or can email chairs.

Wilco: CEPC will be the model of behavior for sub group participation.

Wilco: Short doc. Concise, not complicated.

Rachael: Thanks for putting it together. Hopefully this will help us keep the exploratory work going.

Rachael: We also hope this increases participation.

Rachael: More people who can contribute.

<Lauriat> +1 to everything Rachael said!

Rachael: We can refine as we learn, and we welcome suggestions.

Lauriat: Any other questions or general thoughts?

Wilco: I will add that not every sub group starts same time. We will try to stagger.

Wilco: This will help with AGWG agendas.

Lauriat: Would be difficult if sprints were all aligned.

Continuation (completion?) of guidelines breakdown exercise

<Lauriat> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tXIaJxQCyuOTkvLcJR5QgTN13h6dIgtUlE7H9CUCvew/edit#gid=0

Lauriat: Continuation of our past activities. Add your name to column D.

Lauriat: I took on 2.4.5 multiple ways. I noted "partial" in C because I started.

Lauriat: Find your name and if you had not worked on last week. Have a look through. Some not started yet. 2.3.3, 2.2.5, several others later that have not been started.

Lauriat: Any questions about activity?

Chuck: Stay camped in call?

Lauriat: Makes most sense

Sarah: Wondered about Makoto, Poornima and I worked on something, we didn't finish. Poornima did additional work. Should that be assigned to one to take it to completion?

Lauriat: Or we can create a breakout room.

Sarah: Either way. I don't want to orphan that one.

Lauriat: Jeanne, can you create a breakout room? I do I have to do it?

MC: I created a room called room 1. Hopefully will be sufficient.

Chuck: Scribing ends for activity.

<jeanne> Examples of completed SCs are in

<Rachael> Observation: The more I've worked with the User Needs, the more I like them

<Lauriat> +1!

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