24 May 2022



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<Wilco> Wilco: I don't think there will be other outcomes related to pronunciation.

<Wilco> Jeanne: There could be a protocol though

JF email comments

<Wilco> Wilco: Are there any alternatives to the phrase "pronunciation"? Otherwise we can put this question in a note

JF suggested alternate names -> Based on my watching this activity from a distance, is not the current goal more around ensuring proper language packs [sic] are loaded for TTS engines? Might that not then be considered "Language Accuracy" (TTS Accuracy?) as opposed to "Pronunciation"? (Just trying to avoid a term-of-art collision/confusion down the road).

<Wilco> Francis: It's exploratory. I can see his point about braille displays. We mention that.

<Wilco> Wilco: Should we remove that? This is explicitly not about braille displays.

<Wilco> Wilco: I'll add a note about the term pronunciation, asking for feedback.

Pronunciation Gap Analysis and Use Cases

<Wilco> Jeanne: I think a lot of people have misunderstood what we're trying to do. How do we communicate this to the whole world?

Jeanne: I like Mike Gower's suggested change from "pronounce" to "identify"

Wilco: But that isn't the point. The outcome needed is to have it pronounced in the correct language.

Francis: Can we even express it in regard to assistive technologies?

Wilco: We don't want to be prescriptive of who does what. It is more important to have the end result.
… as long as assistive technologies pronounce the text in a way that is understandable.
… the exceptions don't make sense if we take out the word "pronounce"

Jeanne: +1 to Wilco's points

Jeanne: We need to re-design the Outcome. We discussed adding tabs to the Outcome with the Definitions, functional needs, and other stuff.

Wilco: We want the definitions to be normative, so they need to be with the Outcome

Jeanne: The disadvantage of normative definitions is that we need to resolve them with other definitions in other specs and we may want to use the term more narrowly.

Wilco: It's a good idea to resolve the definitions with other specs.

Jeanne: I think we should move Bruce's comments to the How-To. With the database behind WCAG3, we will be able to deliver that material to WCAG3 users together with the Outcome.

<Wilco> Wilco: Lets do more work on the how-to for next week, and we have more feedback to get through.

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