Silver Task Force & Community Group

20 May 2022


Chuck, janina, jeanne2, JF, Lauriat, maryjom
jeanne, Shawn

Meeting minutes

Continuation of guidelines breakdown

janina: Judy talked to us in the WAI Coordination Call that across all groups we have a lot of virtual meetings

janina: Alot with back-to-back meetings and a break is needed to keep our performance high.

janina: So there is a goal for groups to end their meetings at 50 minutes in length (10 before the top of the hour)

<jeanne2> spreadsheet of SC done

jeanne: We have made a lot of progress and have a list of completed items.

jeanne: Makoto took several guidelines and wrote them up himself and we reviewed in the meeting.

jeanne: This may be a good approach, and if we can get people to volunteer to work on specific criteria outside of the meeting and review in the meeting.

<Rachael> + to to working asynchronously and reviewing the results in the meeting

Chuck: Working in breakout rooms during the meetings makes sure we are actively working. I have a concern that we may not be able to manage time to do work outside of the meeting.

<Lauriat> For some definition of "we", yes, at least! Makoto has, so others may as well.

janina: It is useful to have a conversation over the SC which you wouldn't get if working alone.

jeanne: +1

jeanne: We're splitting into 2 groups to work on two SC's.

jeanne: 1.4.3 and 1.4.6 had been worked on with the first public draft of silver. User needs were analyzed, but not the testing.

jeanne: Link purpose can be another.

<jeanne2> Contrast doc

jeanne: We'll go with one group today instead, as some attendees won't have full attention on the activity the whole time.

jeanne: We may decide to split this into multiple criteria.

<jeanne2> Color Contrast Subgroup Wiki

janina: One of the requirements that bubbled up in Indie UI that there may not be a need to apply contrast to absolutely everything. We may want to have some language for such cases.

<jeanne2> [working in the mapping document]

<Chuck> We are switching to group exercise, which will be noted in doc (above) and is unnecessary to scribe.

<jeanne2> Understanding

<Chuck> +1 to breaking out

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