Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

18 May 2022


janina, jasonjgw, Joshue, Joshue108, scott_h, SteveNoble

Meeting minutes

Synchronization Accessibility User Requirements.

jasonjgw: Michael Cooper is working on editorial changes

jasonjgw: Working on messaging

janina: Minor correction: Michael was thinking more about additional headings and other changes to make the content more digetsable

janina: Good to get this fixed first before the CfC is issued

janina: Otherwise we should be continuing to advance to a W3C "Statement" status, which is new

jasonjgw: We do not expect the editorial changes to take that long

Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA.

jasonjgw: Communications are underway with relevant groups

jasonjgw: Leave in agenda for next week

Accessibility of collaboration tools.

jasonjgw: Wiki page has been updated with distinctions and central issues

scott_h: Began to search the research literature, but so far have not found much additional materials

jasonjgw: At the moment, the best strategy is to keep adding to the wiki page

Natural Language Interface Accessibility User Requirements.

jasonjgw: Updated working draft was published

jasonjgw: No comments yet

jasonjgw: We do still have some open issues

jasonjgw: Will look at the open issues

Joshue108: Some of the COGA issues are still open

janina: Will ping COGA about additional clarifications that are needed

janina: A label stating that further clarification is pending might be good

janina: Pointing them to the specific github issues could be good

Joshue108: Will review the issues where we still need clarification and will get back to Janina and Jason

Joint Working Group meetings at TPAC 2022.

jasonjgw: Not positive if we have enough critical mass on topics to propose joint meetings

janina: Maybe a Wednesday session on the NAUR?

jasonjgw: That is a possibility

janina: Perhaps the collaborative editing tools?

jasonjgw: That seems like a good potential

jasonjgw: CAPTCHA might be another topic if we have enough done by that point

janina: May need to look at furthering speech tagging aside from the language tag to allow for things like a child's voice

janina: The current specs do not hot handle this

janina: These issues connect Internationalization and Accessibility needs, so potentially useful for joint meeting discussion

janina: For example, input from a new community group looking at accessibility needs for children

Joshue108: The FAST group also met with this community group

jasonjgw: There is also the work being done in the Math Working Group on the new MathML spec

Miscellaneous topics. -- taken up

jasonjgw: One comment came in on Accessibility of Remote Meetings

jasonjgw: This may point to some ambiguity

Raja: It is challenging as children's voices change over time - as do people with speech disabilities, but definitely something to be noted

Raja: handling these edge cases benefits everyone

janina: Yes...we need to do more in the way of specifying aspects which currently are not supported in the current specs

Raja: e.g. steve gleason's ALS and collaboration with MS -- to save speech samples and use these as his speech declined

Joshue108: To Jason: About neural-networks - further input?

jasonjgw: New developments from Google and others are moving toward using a neural network for the entire TTS process

jasonjgw: COQI - demonstrated the ability to record one's own voice and use that to program TTS

janina: That was also mentioned my Mark Hakkinen

<jasonjgw> https://coqui.ai/

jasonjgw: Would be good to look at their tooling

jasonjgw: Also announcements from Google and Microsoft show a lot of new development in both TTS and speech dictation

Joshue108: Upcoming panel talk at ICCHP to discuss cognitive disability connections to immersive environments

janina: COGA is planning to meet at ICCHP so that would be a good place for coordinating

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