PCG sub-taskforce on accessibilitySummary

05 May 2022


AlexGrover, CharlesL, GeorgeK, gpellegrino, Naomi, Pascal, Rachel, Terence, Vince
gpellegrino, PascalCalarco

Meeting minutes

1. Review summary text up to h2 What to Include in the AccessibilitySummary

GeorgeK: Hi, I'm George
… this is one first topic
… are the links in the document corret?


GeorgeK: Thinks the document above looks good. Does anyone have any revisions to suggest?

Rachel: it is fine for me

CharlesL: maybe we should include something about accessibilityFeature = unlocked
… but this is out of control for publishers

CharlesL: the publisher may change this later with DRM

gpellegrino: Gregario added detail about DRM implementation to specific ebook vendors

Naomi: suggests that retailers need to make this clear in their distribution implementations

CharlesL: If a retailer changes something in the ePub, like adding DRM or changing fonts, the metadata needs to be updated but they would not have rights to do so.

gpellegrino: Agreed, this is not good. Suggests that AccessibilitySummary should be based on ONYX metadata, which is slightly different.

Naomi: also thinks there is a little leeway in changing metadata with ONIX

RachelComerford: adds that MathML will be rendered as images instead of MathML, with Amazon, for example

Vince: These issues are something we are experiencing right now, regarding MathML and also CSS rendering for mobile and desktop browser, which render differently depending on OS, browser, etc. Requires a lot of research.

GeorgeK: Suggests that we leave the publisher metadata alone. Gregorio, with the ONYX metadata, you are inserting this into the ePub?

<Michelle_> present

gpellegrino: all of the metadata for our ebooks is based on ONYX.

GeorgeL: If you do not have access to the raw EPUB, this guideline needs to tell you how to use ONIX metadata to AccessibilitySummary

TerenceSmyre: University presses are (I missed this point Terrence)

Naomi: Does not have access to ONIX feed. Need to improve understanding on publisher end.

GeorgeL: If we are providing guidance on AccessibilitySummary, do we need to be specific on where to get it from ONIX? Do AccessibilityHazards need to be in AccessibilitySummary?

gpellegrino: perhaps we can add any metadata from ONIX or others into AccessibilitySummary

Naomi: If we can add this, we can easily add this to flow into ONIX

GeorgeL: We need to have text added regarding the ONIX comments Gregorio has made

gpellegrino: our experience: can we combine metadata from different descriptions into AccessibilitySummary?

GeorgeL: This may result in too verbose summary; what is essential needs to be included

GeorgeL: It needs to be succinct for the user

GeorgeL: perhaps a limit between 1k-2k characters

gpellegrino: agreed

CharlesL: agreed. Much of this is built into EPUB structure; if one of these is not, then we call it out in AccessibilitySummary

GeorgeK: many users do not appreciate all the features in an EPUB or WCAG details, for example

GeorgeK: images need to be tagged and screen reader friendly

GeorgeK: Do we need an introduction to produce a compact statement with most important info first, and recommending it not exceed 2k characters

Naomi: specifying order would be helpful, a production person in a publisher may not know what is important and what isn't

CharlesL: we could add in a priority column, on Naomi's point

CharlesL: AccessibilitySummary - should this focus on pointing out particular features that publishers has added

GeorgeL: publishers should include ConformsTo statement (WCAG2.1AA)

CharlesL: reporting errors contact could be included in AccessibilitySummary

GeorgeK: we want to create an issue of the length of the summary

GeorgeK: we want to create a column in the table

GeorgeK: and lastly, give the publisher the ability add feature detail that can't be included elsewhere

ACTION: add new issues - length of summary, add priority column, publisher ability to include information features added which can't be expressed in metadata

RachelComerford: suggest adding something about values changing

ACTION: add ONIX examples in the tables

RachelComerford: Before you start writing" section a line that declares that metadata should be written (and consumed) as coming from the publisher but some values may not be accurate depending on the reading system that is used?

ACTION: Add a Note that this is from the Publishers perspective and may be reflected in the RS

2. 2. What headings do we need under: What to Include in the AccessibilitySummary

Display language discussion

gpellegrino: AccessibilitySummary should be in main language of the book

<CharlesL> https://github.com/w3c/publ-a11y/issues/94

GeorgeK: validation doesn't check for XML lang but it can be put it on the Accessibility metadata

GeorgeK: If there is no value it will be rendered in the language of the reader

GeorgeK: having multiple languages is difficult to implement

gpellegrino: if I search on Kobo in Italy, it first presents Italian language books; the catalog can put the correct language in the interface, if no value then assume it is in same lang of the book

gpellegrino: multiple language statements become complicated

Naomi: observes that in Canada separate editions will be published for French and English

Naomi: multiple languages in a book is a very small percentage of content

GeorgeK: Having one AccessibilitySummary in a single language is the way to go

Summary of action items

  1. add new issues - length of summary, add priority column, publisher ability to include information features added which can't be expressed in metadata
  2. add ONIX examples in the tables
  3. Add a Note that this is from the Publishers perspective and may be reflected in the RS
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