Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

04 May 2022


janina, jasonjgw, Joshue108_, scott_h, SteveNoble
Joshue108, SteveNoble

Meeting minutes

Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA.

<Discussion of logistics>

JW: We have re organised this around the theme of legacy vs state of the art

JW: Lionel is looking into things also

JW: Lets discuss co-ordination etc as we look into the doc

JS: We tend to co-ordinate

JS: We may have a story in the Washington times!

J: I did talk with Manu Sporny - and there are things moving 6-9 months

Still talking to Cloudflare about zero knowledge proofs as a CAPTCHA killer

A la Verifiable credentials amongst other things

JW: In my understanding - based on used cases on Verifable credentials - someone could assert their ID without presenting various artifacts

JS: <Give a walk into the bar use case example>

JW: We should continue to work on it - likely a new section

JW: Whats the thinking on heartbeat drafts?

JS: Would like to have more updating - we have started - need to adjust some text.

Some context andn explanation needed

Accessibility of Remote Meetings.

JW: A11y of remote meetings - we have closed open issues and arrangement with Education and Outreach

They will review draft - not received consensus

Messaging to be updated - and needs more review

We need to work out dates - should we proceed to publish?

JS: Michael, when is Roy back?

MC: Friday

JS: I think we can expect to publish an updated wide review draft - Roy could easily help with many of the little thingss

Shawn is also nearly back - we could publish a week from tomorrow?

A month from the 13th of May as due date for comments?

<jasonjgw> date -d +30days

JS: Lets aim for June 17th


SH: +1

JW: Is there any objection to publish Thurs of next week, with comments due 17th of June?

RESOLUTION: RQTF requests publication of second wide review draft of Accessibility of Remote meetings with comments due June 17th

JS: Messaging may not do out at the same time as publication

Not an issue - we did that with SAUR and RAUR etc

JS: I may be able to update Shawn on the WAI-Coord call

JW: Review to happen soon

JS: We can answer the whys

JS: They also have a previous draft, but a slightly older one

JW: There may be other comments that no longer apply

SH: It has changed a lot

JW: Other details?

Accessibility of collaboration tools - scope of possible work.

JW: Reflects on work done

JS: You did look at a paper, ACM?

JW: Yes, there are a number on this - you are thinking of the one addressing research on users experience collaborating editing based tools and more

JW: Have found others a la interactive realtime editing a11y

Mostly screen reader user focussed

The research attention is in that area.

JS: Issue for low vision users

JW: There are COGA type issues that should be addressed

JS: This will be a good paper - glad we are getting started

JS: I will add to list of references and add to wiki page

JS: Start a biblio

SH: I've added a few bullets - and added some content ideas etc

JW: I suggest we populate the wiki - please do review and we can discuss next time.

Anything else we should be doing?

Thanks Scott for help on wiki

JW: WCAG 4.1.3 relates to notifications without focus and could address some concerns

There are others likely not addressed

JS: We talked about some of those on WCAG 3

JS: Maybe I can do that.


jasonjgw: We will look more at this next week

jasonjgw: We will need to discuss scope as well

Natural Language Interface Accessibility User Requirements.

jasonjgw: Not much work yet on this item

jasonjgw: Some of the github issues have been addressed

Joshue108_: Have not had a chance to look at this lately

Joshue108_: Do not remember any blockers on publishing

Joshue108_: Might be good to review the COGA issues one more time

<Joshue108_> +1 to publishing a heartbeat doc

jasonjgw: This would probably get published before CAPTCHA

janina: +1

jasonjgw: Suggest a quick review to make sure we are fine with what is there

Joshue108_: +1

jasonjgw: Any final comments?

jasonjgw: We should think about a resolution next week

Miscellaneous topics.

jasonjgw: Looked at the web machine learning ethics document - doesn't look like they have made any changes so far

janina: We are 10 days out for SAUR comments

janina: If no comments, then it would be a CfC for a note

janina: The maturity model work is progressing

janina: Important to use key words in the email subject line to keep matters straight

janina: We may be starting to get more email traffic now

jasonjgw: RQTF can participate in the maturity model work

<MichaelC> Functional Needs has its own mailing list: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-a11y-functional-needs/

janina: New development is still in Google Docs - not on github

janina: Perhaps a pointer from our wiki to their wiki

jasonjgw: We don't have anything in our wiki about this - so yes, we need to update

MichaelC: Adding the functional needs link to our wiki

MichaelC: +1 to Janina's comments

Joshue108_: Issue with the mailing list - associated with silver, and not APA

MichaelC: Will look at that

janina: Web of things dialogue has started

janina: The need to look at inaccessible ecosystems

Joshue108_: Glad to see this in the works

jasonjgw: Any thing else?

janina: Peter Korn's comments about blue tooth hearing aid support in Amazon devices

jasonjgw: Final comments??

Summary of resolutions

  1. RQTF requests publication of second wide review draft of Accessibility of Remote meetings with comments due June 17th
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