20 Apr 2022


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Meeting minutes

Chair Sheri

<jlkline> here

/me Try 'present+' like this ...

<Sheri_B-H> Janina, can you post the meeting link again here? Jeff and I are on the old link

<Sheri_B-H> also MaryJo is on the old link

New Zoom: https://www.w3.org/2017/08/telecon-info_maturity-model

<Sheri_B-H> That's the link to the page that I can't get to, I need the actual zoom link

<jlkline> 988 3484 3716

<Sheri_B-H> Meeting ID says it requires a passcode

<Sheri_B-H> yes I refreshed - there is a problem because I have two IDs and I suspect the permissions were granted to my non-work ID

<jlkline> i have the passcode

<jlkline> 1 sec

<jlkline> 341074

Review Dimensionâ– s Structure and Reconcile Inconsistencies

Sheri: apologies for missing recent calls; much reorg at work ...

sheri: Are there outstanding proposals?

jeff: Not a problem with structure; was concerned with consistency and actionable proof points

jeff: Knowledge and skills doesn't seem particularly actionable

sheri: Unfortunately, no Jake today

sheri: Recalls glossary still not finished. We need definitions for terms not defined elsewhere

sheri: reviews existing glossary ...

sheri: need to make sure what we have is complete

jeff: wasn't aware it would be so specific; thought generic to the doc

sheri: so that people would have terms before reading the doc

jeff: haven't formatted to include definitions

sheri: e.g. cicd

janina: notes usual practice on defitionsack ja

janina: I'll take up with APA management as how best to handle for both objectives--not too many in the main glossary, but definitions within dimensions as needed

sheri: looks at some candidate definitions --- which to keep

sheri: looks for any conflicts ...

mary jo: proofpoint used throughout the doc; one word? two words? Camel case?

sheri suggests standard 2 word grammar approach

[group agrees]

sheri: will take care globally

sheri: question re "accomodations" U.S. definition? Something more general world wide?

sheri: any other inconsistencies we need to close out?

sheri: I have been trying to catch Euro specific ones ...

mary jo offers to review detail review

sheri: notes david has previously looked at comments.

maryjo: notes lots of suggested changes still in the doc ...

jeff: asks about ISO 3071

jeff: someone also mentioned another on usability

jeff: suggests we finish fpwd with what we think, then go back and look whether any conflicts

sheri: wasn't there an agreement to present on the ISO doc to us?

sheri: we're 60 pages, their's about 150; we will need to consider conflicts

jeff: believe only in the development area

jeff: no detail on policy or procurement

sheri: I'll check

sheri: if we have some, we'll pursue a joint meeting

sheri: need to clean up open questions section: Sec. 1.5

jeff: so far we've only asked for feedback within w3c?

sheri: correct, but that's why we should revisit

maryjo: don't understand the items

sheri: we have multiple schemes

sheri: so we have 3 ways of displaying info; we thought we should get feedback on which approach to adopt

jeff: thought this was a working action item

sheri: e.g. we're often asked to show where we are to make something a11y; sometimes under nda; not always

jeff: allows for tracking data, etc., to get auto pulled out and made available

Review Any Recent Edits By Group Members

sheri asks mj if she knows where changes are?

unreviewed changes in communications dimension; Sec. 3.1 -- jeff picking up from lauri

mary_jo: also inconsistent in commas

janina: APA's a fan of Oxford

sheri: Done. we'll use Oxford commas

multimedia as well as captions, etc ...

do we want a link to training?

jeff: discussed ... suggested training proof points where useful

sheri: I prefer links because it's easier

jeff: argues knowledge and skills isn't specific to any dimensionjeff: will be traveling 4 May; but will try to be here at least part

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