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26 April 2022


Francis, jeanne, Wilco

Meeting minutes

Method document <- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MjmGLfmqcfLgauqg0C3dRZG6KYT2dy5BQ69sz4xet6Q/edit#heading=h.suhwld62yx1t

FS: We need a definition of natural language

WF: Internationalization has that.


JS: +1 to using i18n definition

Definition of Block of Text

WF: Are blocks of text defined by white space?

Existing text in document: "Block of Text: (needs work) Any natural language text, including alternative text, that isn’t part of a larger sentence. Examples include paragraphs, large quotations, lists, buttons, table cells. Quotations inside a paragraph or links inside sentences are not blocks of text. "

WF: A sentence is easy to define, but what makes it a block? Defining it by white space seems "off" because of screen readers and books

WF: A block of text starts on a new line and ends with the line break.
… it would include every line of a poem, but I can live with that.
… you might need text that reflows
… you either know that there is a line break or you need ??

JS: So if there is a <br /> in a <p>, that would be two blocks of text?

WF: Yes

WF: ANother example: A definition list could be on one line on a wide screen could be one block of text and one the narrow screen it would be two blocks of text.

JS: Shouldn't something that is programmatically coded as two blocks, still be two blocks even if it is visually one block?

WF: That makes it unnecessarily complicated

JS: Will the definition work in a vertical language?

JS: What about: "A paragraph is typically a run of phrasing content that forms a block of text with one or more sentences that discuss a particular topic, as in typography, but can also be used for more general thematic grouping. For instance, an address is also a paragraph, as is a part of a form, a byline, or a stanza in a poem". - from HTML5 Semantics, structure and APIs of

HTML documents (Editor’s draft)

WF: This is too HTML specific, but we can work on it.
… it is a circular definition.
… I liked the definition we started with, but I also like the HTML examples

JS: I think we should note the HTML5 definition and explain that we aren't using it because it is self-referential.

JS: What about a programmatic line?

WF: I would rather see a "hard line break" from word processing

WF: What about PDF? They can have untagged sentences and paragraphs.

WF: What about columns that reflow? They don't end in a paragraph.

Next step with AGWG?

FS: I will send a message to Rachael saying the work is ready to present to AGWG

JS: I can move it to Github

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