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19 April 2022


Daniel, Francis, jeanne

Meeting minutes

New glossary definitions

JS: Definitions are very technical. How do we keep the plain language stuff separate from the need to have very detailed technical information?

FS: We could separate by authors and implementors

FS: We are talking about the difference between "passage" and "phrase".

DM: The phrase is beneath the block, the passage is a block.

JS: I think the solution is to drop "phrase" becausee we aren't requiring it.

We agreed that we would remove "phrase" and substitute "block of text" for "passage" and then use the WCAG2 definition of "text".

We want to run it by WIlco in case there are considerations we hadn't thought about.

FS: "Block starts at the first word in the human language and ends at the last word in that language."


Block of text definition: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1onytB133NRc1EXEOVPizcOqeTi70r2JUcba-LgUyKEY/edit#heading=h.ebjmfi7nj58b

Changed all the WCAG2 "human language" to "natural language" to make it consistent with internationalization.

Definitions of natural language

We would be ready to present to AGWG in a minimum of two weeks, longer if Wilco has objections

Natural Language Interface Accessibility User Requirements

JS: I struck out on finding a definition, although 6 W3C specs use the term in their title

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