Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

24 Mar 2022


Lisa, ShawnT, yao, JohnRochford, kirkwood, Rachael, Rashmi
David Fazio, Justine, Julie, KrisAnne, Jennie, Roy, EA


<yao> thank you, Rain

Check in with all sub-groups and COGA Action Items - https://docs.google.com/document/d/15HtPkkYx1CIl6bAwP2nsSZKhqTVbqcuMDRz5RmtmvXg/edit

<Rain> scribe: kirkwood

LS: asking if anyone needs a orientation or reorirentation call

<Rain> link for subgroups and action tracking: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15HtPkkYx1CIl6bAwP2nsSZKhqTVbqcuMDRz5RmtmvXg/edit

Rain: link for subgroups tracking and action tracking in a google doc giving update on EO
... EO Education and Outreach
... working on personas and educational info their page on congnitive is not really reflecting current work
... a little old

EO has not been responsive as of yet want github input difficulties with communication

LS: updates with APA no updates
... we can put in as an issue trying to communcate with them. i can write and put in with a link to google doc maybe rest as a phone call

Rain: i’d like to see if Rachael gets response first
... iof don’t respond to Rachael we can take that actions. Reasonable Rachael

Rachael: yes

Rain: mobile task force gwetting back to us in May
... shceckin on subgroups we have 3 now link is here to subgroups

<Rain> Wiki page with subgroups: https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/coga/wiki/Subgroups

Rain: its a wiki page

<Rain> Subgroups: images, AGWG Silver (WCAG 3) -- Clear Language, Access to Help, Mental Health

Rain: 3.5 subroups, images, people working with AG working group Silver WCAG3, subgroups in that clear language and access to help, mental health
... need to create a couple more subgroups
... list out ones probably need to create and reexamine timelines and invite newer members to see which subgroups be a part of

Lisa: need to be careful to not have too many subgroups

LS: maybe close ones before opening a new one

+1 to Lisa

Lisa: mental health subgroup meeting this week?

Rain: we were planning to have images subgroup since Jennie is not here today should not have it because she is intergral
... 11am after meeting should we have it today.

Rashmi: i do not have much impact this time

Lisa: i think we should wait
... last minute that image group was cancelled, i think we should leave it

Rain: we will cancel subgroup meeting following this meeting today
... spending time in meeting to really look at subgroups

<ShawnT> +1 to spending time next week on sub groups

Rain: Julie and I created a form to collect examples of clear language both positives and negatives, there is also a google doc for this
... there are two ways to provide examples

<JohnRochford> Would you please post a link to the repository of clear language examples?

Rain: want group to provide two examples each week
... will try to send a reminder to look out for examples of clear language
... google doc is the repository

<Rain> Google Doc is repository, can add manually the doc: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfpVhlZN-tleJt8MD8DB_O_GpVsCcXUfTfC6vAzwAlIFJ0Rww/viewform

Rain: can add manually to doc
... Julie will take info that comes into form and movie it into google doc
... the form is for those are more comfortabe with adding it that way

link to form

<Rain> Google form for submitting examples: https://forms.gle/rzqpYiTaYkyXUamX6

Rain: we tried to make form as easy as possible
... ther is one issue you must type in your email address
... should autofill but because you can add docs the way forms work need to type in email address

Shawn: i see it connects to my google email address

Rain: if you are full logged in it works

<JohnRochford> Can email addresses be pasted into the field?

<JohnRochford> Can email addresses be pasted into the field?

Lisa: we see this as violation of our own guidance that has unnecessary info that auto complete that we can’t control or remove, we are sort of stuck, only thing can do is make a bug report to google

<ShawnT> Google works great with Mac Spoken Content (I'm happy)

Lisa: do we want to give up on Google form not accessible? I think its acceptable to ask if having problems but minimum due. if feel we should abondon feel free to say so. requirimng fields to fill in. do we ant to abandon

Rain: we could remove supporting documents

<Rain> Poll:

<JohnRochford> Can email addresses be pasted into the field?

<Rain> 1. Use form as is with the apology (Rain will be submitting a bug ticket to the forms team)

Rain: yes to John R

<Rain> 2. Remove the option to upload supporting documents from the form, and this will remove the email address field

Rain: gives options

<Rain> 3. Abandon the form, and only offer the Google Doc and Github as options

<ShawnT> 1

<Lisa> 1

<Rain> 1

<JohnRochford> 1

<Rashmi> 1


Rain: trying to setup an email to add examples

Rashmi: ciculate form outside W3C?

Rain: people outside task force will not be able to access google doc which might have items that shouldn’t be public at this point

Rashmi: can we explain in form itself

Rain: an explanation for form and what else?

Rashmi: should i repeat?

Rain: explanation of form itself?

Rashmi: there are some jargon maybe simpler words

Rain: not seeing succinct or literal?

Lisa: in checklist
... could be link to patterns but also it should be non literal language

Rain: what pattern?
... can’t find it in form?

<Lisa> What patterns does this example relate to? (Select all that apply) Clear words Simple tense and voice Double negatives/nested clauses Literal language Clear formatting and punctuation Succinct text Other:

Rain: i was looking at wrong form thank you
... those are really good notes, apologize was looking at wrong form. Julie and i will make more clear

Yao: tried to access form, uploading file is not permitted when data loss which is for my company blocks it

Rain: we will make sure to include on wiki page on how to give feedback, good note
... we can make sure its clear an understandable

Lisa: you can anonymize stuff.
... there may be good examples that we could handle that
... from stack overflow a question for example, with simplest terms for that topic. we need to agree should pass fail . be aware that words used by professionals, these edge cases should be included
... you can annoymize you can put in edge cases
... there was another from as well and there should be an add a new pattern form

Rain: thats next topic

(maybe) Agree on guardianship draft so that we can send it

<Rain> Google Doc (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CeqiSy3tVDoeBzCG8LpkyFT1fvugGk86JuT6NvfSiAA/edit?pli=1#

Rain: another form and google doc

<Rain> Google Form (https://forms.gle/rzqpYiTaYkyXUamX6)

Rain: this one is more general for public consumption
... suggesting new patterns personas for making content for people with congnitive disabilities
... lisa and i tried to simplify it as well

<ShawnT> This is the one you need to add your email in

Rain: this is to share when doing outreach. for you to use and more to share with the world
... correct we need to add email address

Lisa: the other one in confusing non literal language

Rain: julie may not have had time to finish

<Rain> a?

Rain: any questions or thoughts about second form?

Shawn: i would like to cover in notes, autocomplete uses autocomplete but not working with my tool of last pass if you want to add to report

Rain: if you hear community feedback let us know
... skipping EO because don’t have key members

<Rain> kirkwood: think we should wait to discuss the guardianship draft until Jennie is able to join us

Document requests for TPAC accommodations for COGA participants

Rain: TPAC organizers, want to know about specific cognitive needs

<JohnRochford> Any instructions, such as for navigation, should be offered in plain language as well.

Rain: blend of remote and in person

<ShawnT> Are the date's official? I'd like to book my plane tickets

<JohnRochford> Any instructions, such as for navigation of the location, should be offered in plain language as well.

RAin: its mid september

Shawn: they announced on Slack but didn’t say official, pending review

<JohnRochford> John K., would you please inform Rain of my suggestion?

<Rain> Wiki planning page: https://www.w3.org/wiki/TPAC/2022

Shawn: looking at holding hybrid meeting in Vancouver 12th September 2022 possiblity

<ShawnT> > For TPAC 2022, we are looking at the possibility of holding an hybrid meeting with a physical part in Vancouver, Canada from 12 to 16 September 2022.

Rain: official information 12th -16th September dates tentatvie

<JohnRochford> Any instructions, such as for navigation of the location, should be offered in plain language as well.

Rain: a couple of mintes to discuss

Silveus: creating spaces in confernces

<Rain> kirkwood: putting space between meetings

<JohnRochford> Any instructions, such as for navigation of the location, should be offered in plain language as well.

<Rain> ... so that meetings aren't back to back to back

<Le> https://neurodivergentrebel.com/2022/02/25/empowering-people-with-sensory-processing-differences-by-creating-sensory-friendly-spaces/

<Rain> ... possibly meetings not on the hour

<Rain> kirkwood: spatial orientation of things should also be considered, AR, geospacial considerations

<Rain> ... to help coga individuals get through the physical space

<JohnRochford> No

Rain: reading navigation instruction should be in plain language

LS: each meeting room is clearly labeled, often wrong building, lunch bathroom and coffee and tea.
... testing navigated by peole that have in range of impairments
... leave room and get back to room. lableing is unhelpful. complex maps. finding where there. have missed meetings

Lisa: orientation is a good one. need to spell it out
... quiet spaces is great, not necessarily under Coga.
... sometimes overlaps what can handle eating
... going to super market in strange country. but would be possible to order or making sure get food they need in an easy and affordable way
... adding going to super market is the hardest thing at a conference

<Rain> +1 to the food challenge

Le: supermarkets are the worst, even list of smaller local health food places

LS: even delivery

Le: does have a huge affect, anti inflammatory foods. low of good text about it
... good set for everyone, de stim spaces, fluorescent lighting can be an issue. older lighting strategies need some rooms without the fluorescent lighting, location of low tim rooms, not near boiler for example for sound issues. suggestions by sense, sound, sight, all sensed could include document. smells for example sent to Michael

Rain: i will put together a document and share with group
... i will send out infor to everyone

<Rain> Sign up to scribe: https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/coga/wiki/Scribe_list

<Rain> RRSAgent: make minutes

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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