Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

09 March 2022


janina, jasonjgw, Joshue, Joshue108, Lionel_Wolberger, scott_h, scott_h_, SteveNoble
Joshue108, SteveNoble

Meeting minutes

Miscellaneous topics.

janina: Meeting is next hour on proposed work to set up more sustainable structure for W3C

janina: Connection information can be provided by Janina

scott_h: Will a recording be available?

janina: No; but minutes will be available

jasonjgw: Also....the maturity model work is being taken on by APA

janina: Do we want this work done in RQTF?

janina: Answer does not need to be today

janina: Next question...many groups are not meeting next week due to CSUN

janina: We can meet or not meet, as the group decides

janina: Also remember that the US moves time back by one hour, so next week's meetings will be shifted

jasonjgw: It there anyone who won't be available next week?

Lionel: no problem if we want to meet

jasonjgw: Looks like the consensus is to meet next week as usual

<jasonjgw> zkim, list agenda

Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA.

Lionel_Wolberger: Main focus has been to get a meeting with CloudFare, but we have not yet got the meeting worked out

jasonjgw: Perhaps check back in 2 weeks?


jasonjgw: anything else on Captcha?

Synchronization Accessibility User Requirements.

<Joshue108> JW: We have a proposal to add a note

<Joshue108> Relating to framerates - brief note

<Joshue108> SN: I think a general reference to framerate would be good in the opening section 1.2

SN: Thats a part of the intro

Later on in the doc, we get into use cases - and sync impact on users of AT

Framerate impacts e'thing - so should be near the top IMO

If framerate is too low - how closely you sync it, then becomes moot - e.g with lipsyncing you can see movement, so the frames need to be sufficient to see the movement etc

We want to keep the doc focussed

The ability to sync something is dependent on framerate - and we can point to the RAUR - RTC A11y User requrements for more as it is covered there


SN: <Discusses more details on framerates and syncing>

JS: This is a good idea - I'll relate this to Timed text

Can't see an objection

We are waiting to hear back from them - lets keep the emphasis on syncing - and flag the importance of framerate.

RK: Just to add, when we talk about framerate - that clarifies, good. Regarding latency..

We did discuss this before - making sure that was indicated?

JS: I'm not sure if this is part of the SAUR - this relates more to presentation stuff

We talk about this more in the RAUR (RTC A11y User Requirements doc - see link above)

Better to reference that from the SAUR etc

Makes managing docs easier - procedural concern there

JW: We can turn that into a draft - Steve, will I take your text and add it to sec 1.2 in a new branch?

SN: yes great stuff

Happy to see a general note on frame rate and the link to the RAUR

SN: I'll take that bit focussed on caption syncing etc

JW: I'll get that started

That way we get all the changes, comments?

JS: Sounds good

JS: I'm open to things we need to say differently and happy to version docs also

JW: Final comments on SAUR?

JS: This work is impacting on the Silver work <Gives overview>

Realtime vs pre-recorded media

Natural Language Interface Accessibility User Requirements.

Thanks, Josh

<Joshue108> https://raw.githack.com/w3c/apa/naur_coga_edits_2022/naur/index.html#cross-disability-support

<janina> +1 to cross disability support

Joshue108: Need to discuss - started incorporated COGA requirements, but shifted to discussing as "cross disability"

Joshue108: Looking at a continuum of support

Was hoping for a review of that approach

jasonjgw: One aspect is that knowing the cognitive needs of an audience cannot be easily determined

jasonjgw: What is adequate help, for example, may vary widely due to cognitive needs

janina: Also...knowing your audience expected familiarity with the topic is an issue

janina: General principles such as help given in content (not just a TOC of the help section)

jasonjgw: Anything else on this item?

Raja: thumbs up

<Joshue108> thanks Raja!

Synchronization Accessibility User Requirements.

Accessibility of Remote Meetings.

Anything to be said?

Scott: should be in a position to discuss next week

jasonjgw: Let's discuss next week assuming the changes get made

janina: We could also discuss even before the changes get made

janina: Can also start thinking about prepping for messaging

jasonjgw: Let's start with messaging we used last time and go from there

jasonjgw: We are making good progress on several documents at the same time

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