Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

02 March 2022


Fredrik, Irfan, janina, Jonny_James, Joshue108, Lionel, Matthew_Atkinson, MichaelC, mike_beganyi, PaulG, Roy
Fredrik, Irfan Ali

Meeting minutes

<janina> Zoom seems to be blocking APA call; "Host has another meeting in progress"

<janina> agend

Agenda Review & Announcements

<Irfan> Matthew_Atkinson: we have couple of rearrangements. Michael is going to join the meeting in the beginning more often.

New Charters Review https://github.com/w3c/strategy/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3A%22Horizontal+review+requested%22

<MichaelC> https://github.com/w3c/strategy/issues/302

<Irfan> MichaelC: https://github.com/w3c/strategy/issues/302 we can close this

<MichaelC> https://github.com/w3c/strategy/issues/279

<Irfan> https://github.com/w3c/strategy/issues/279

<MichaelC> https://w3c.github.io/vc-wg-charter/

<Irfan> MichaelC: question to this group if we need additional review

<Irfan> lwolberg

<Irfan> MichaelC: Lionel is reviewing this.

A11y Review Comment Tracker https://w3c.github.io/horizontal-issue-tracker/?repo=w3c/a11y-review

<MichaelC> https://github.com/w3c/svgwg/issues/874

<Irfan> MichaelC: do we want to do anything with this?

<Irfan> MichaelC: it removes aria attr along with other attributes. Usecase is just to use for icon of something.

<Irfan> janina: Can we get area-read on that

<Irfan> MichaelC: I can pull this to to do list to bring up to the AWG

<Matthew_Atkinson> https://svgwg.org/specs/svg-native/

<Irfan> Matthew_Atkinson: From the abstract, it looks like it may not be a show-stopper but always good to have in written from ARIA

<PaulG> "interoperability" seems to indicate that it would also be used in web

New on TR http://www.w3.org/TR/tr-status-drafts.html

<MichaelC> https://www.w3.org/TR/miniapp-lifecycle/

<Irfan> MichaelC: this is new to our tracking even though it is not for any review

<Irfan> Roy: They want this section as informative section. They want to fix the language

<Irfan> MichaelC: it appears that its low level

<Irfan> MichaelC: perhaps for an accessibility issue, we need to look for

<Irfan> Roy: please assign it to me and I will review

Dangling Spec Review Cleanup: https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Category:Spec_Review_Assigned

<MichaelC> https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Category:Spec_Review_Assigned

<Lionel> agend

<Irfan> MichaelC: https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Web_of_Things_(WoT)_Discovery

Actions Checkin (Specs) https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/track/actions/open

<MichaelC> https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/IMSC_Hypothetical_Render_Model

<Irfan> Fredrik: It's a very structured document. Is it assumed that this document already confirmed to the AG's.

<Irfan> Fredrik: if a TTML is cooncted to WCAG, we can expect TTML content to comply with WCAG.

<Irfan> janina: TTML does on synchronization. what are you expecting in-order to WCAG

<Irfan> Fredrik: if TTML is beyond synchronization it is surprising.

<Irfan> it keep referring to TTML

<Irfan> on the other hand this is timed content. will has to with synchronization

<Irfan> Matthew_Atkinson: they are talking about TTML a lot in this document and something covers a11y in TTML. You need to be aware if there is any other a11y issue and if there is it has to be documented

<Irfan> janina: we should be careful if we call it TTML issue.

<Irfan> PaulG: TTML document referes a11y guidelines.

<Matthew_Atkinson> https://www.w3.org/TR/imsc-hrm/ is from the Timed Text WG (per https://github.com/w3c/imsc-hrm#imsc-hypothetical-render-model-hrm )

<Irfan> janina: TimeText is very supported to accessibility.

janina: TTML has a lot mroe a11y support outside W3C than VTT. Anything implemented based on TTML will be aware of a11y and UAAG.

TPAC (12-16 September) Planning

Week of CSUN meetings

topic> week of CSUN meetings

janina: I propose taking the week off. We don't keep anyone from working: if any of the task forces want to keep workign, you should.

janina: AGWG are taking that week off, too.

Matthew_Atkinson: No objectiosn to take the week off.

Matthew_Atkinson: Including March 9, this means we have a two week break from regular APA meetings.

Matthew_Atkinson: To be extra clear, we are not meeting on the 16th.

TPAC (12-16 September) Planning

Matthew_Atkinson: We are discussing TPAC int eh TFs. We need to get some feecback from the task forces, and because we are not meeting on the 16th, this eneds to come next week.

Matthew_Atkinson: We aren't holding anyone to anything this is just abouc capacity.

Matthew_Atkinson: Two questiosn: how do you feel about coming in real ilfe and who do you want to meet with?

Matthew_Atkinson: This wil come up in the TF meetings.

Matthew_Atkinson: Anyone who wants to say they are not coming or indeed are coming is free to say so now as well.

janina: The last chance to give input in this case is probably on the 23rd, because of feedback moving upstream.

Lionel> I want to ditto Matthew_Atkinson in terms of trying my best to come to TPAC.

Special Meeting re Reorganizing W3C on Wednesday 9 March

Matthew_Atkinson: As for next week, there is a process in progress to move the W3C to a single LE. Variuos people from AB, specifically Leonie Watson, are goingto inform us about that process and progress.

Matthew_Atkinson: All the WAI WGs have been invited to this meeting. Held in our slot!

Matthew_Atkinson: You will have received an invite through our ML and any other MLs you are on.

Matthew_Atkinson: Nothing new compared to what was said last week. Just a friendly reminder.

Matthew_Atkinson: We don't have many more details at the moment, but there will be a lot fo information.

Task Force & Deliverables Updates


Lionel: Matthew_Atkinson helped as suual. We were asked to make direct contact with EO. There are some significant people from COGA that we want in this meeting which I have cleared for next week. EO have been urged to come next week, but have not responded.

<Matthew_Atkinson> https://github.com/w3c/wai-personalization-standards/issues/7

Lionel> The naming of the personlization modules has become more critical, because the name is important to involving COGA.

Lionel> To summarize our status, we are clos9ing our symbols issue with Internationalization and we want a meeting with EO to finish the naming of the modules and we are pusihng for the next meeting with Personalization.

subtopic> Pronunciation


PaulG: We have been formulating a resposne to ARIA-WGs proposal.

PaulG: The draft was sent to individuals for review before being sent ot hte list. It has to be cleaned up for review, after that sent off to ARIA.


janina: Documents progressing. Timed Text have been approaced on a joint puboication of sAUR. We have had a lot fo comment responses that have made it into the draft. We will go to a second review round if Timed Text want to jointly publish.

janina: A11y of remote meetings was published on the note track as an FPWD.

janina: We could be publishing more frequently. There might be value once we have gotten to a related cluster fo comments to update the WDs. Probably a useful concept for all groups.


Roy: They ar epreparing the work statement for the TF. we have prepared the wiki. It wil be sent out for review jointlhy from the APA and AGWG chairs.

janina: I have given off a draft of what will be our CFC.

FAST and Maturity Model Deliverables Update

Matthew_Atkinson: FAST and maturity model stuff!


Joshue108: There is going to be a call which is designed to descusssome of the structural aspects of the new guidelines which will be a nice coordination point between us and Silver.

Joshue108: Not much to update this week but wil follow up later. Suffice to say though that we did review some updated changes. At some point, we wil have something to show soon enoguyh, but not for a while yet.

Maturity Model

janina: The CFC goes until midnight tonight Boston time.

janina: If we don't hear from you it's considered assent. But it's better to have read the thing.

CSS Liaison

<Roy> ran@w3.org

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