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15 February 2022



Meeting minutes

Progress on Natural Language of Text

<Francis_Storr> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1onytB133NRc1EXEOVPizcOqeTi70r2JUcba-LgUyKEY/edit#

Francis: Changed title to "Natural Language of Text"
… Based on comments

Daniel: Rogramming evoked programming languages instead of human language

Francis: This is to address comments, we can always get back to it

Wilco: I think we can stick with it for now

Francis: Daniel, did you tes the lang="french" thing with JAWS?

Daniel: I did, could not make it work

Francis: Scoring. Is this how WCAG3 would score this?

Wilco: It's how we'd score this. I think we could wait till scoring is more advanced

Wilco: We are trying to figure out chartering at this point

Wilco: We are in the defining phase. These exceptionss may potentially need to be reworded, and we still need to deal with what if assistive technologies don't follow the standards

AT has the ability but markup is wrong:

Daniel: No

Wilco: To me the important thing is the end result -- that it gets pronounced

Wilco: ISO 3-letter code work, but ont consistently
… This is why we went to IANA in ACT

Wilco: To me it all gets to accessibility support
… IF the AT you are testing works, that's fine

Francis: We will put this in accessibility support

Comment on the word "can"

Wilco: We have a series of cases now. IS this word still appropriate?

Francis: Sounds like it is about assistive technologies instead of the page content. Does it matter?

Wilco: I think blocks of text should be at the beginning

Wilco: We will leave it
… We should reword the exceptions though


Wilco: This outcome is very generic
… Should we say braille and text to speech?

Daniel: We may want to step back also from text-to-speech

Wilco: We could focus this outcome specifically on speech, and then maybe write another one on braille

Wilco: Propose to change to "Assistive technologies using text to speech can pronounce blocks of text in their natural language" and write an outcome for braille in the future

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