Spoken Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

02 February 2022


Alan_, Dee, Irfan, janina, PaulG, Sam

Meeting minutes


<Irfan> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/110437/PronunciationNewTime

Please complete the survey for our new meeting time.

Agenda Review & Announcements

mhakkinen: while at ATIA and doing our presentation I learned that college board will join W3C in the near future and officially join this TF

janina: awesome!

mhakkinen: and we may also be hearing from Sara Wood as an invited expert. She also presented at ATIA.

Irfan: While in Colorado, we met Patrick Sullivan who has inquired about joining the TF as an invited expert.

janina: Roy won't be around to advance those applications until he's back from vacation.

janina: TPAC dates have been published. It will be Sept 12-16 in Vanouver, BC (hybrid).

mhakkinen: my experience going to an in-person conference was underwhelming. The attendance wasn't great at ATIA. We had four participants in the meeting room and there was no equipment for streaming or recording.

mhakkinen: "not all the rooms were equipped"

mhakkinen: this information wasn't available to the speakers or the attendees. I did record it on my iPhone.

janina: re: TPAC it's purpose is for cross-group meetings to remove blockers. For instance, in this group if we're still discussing the ARIA proposal, we could have that conversation.

janina: sometimes we can also try to work through a lot of work of our own.

Action Items

Irfan: I've completed the survey but I'm still working on the markdown page in Github


janina: isn't this just a way to deal with ambiguous language/content?


Github Issues

Other Business

SteveNoble_: I have been tasked with finding a research base to support SSML for comprehension.

SteveNoble_: if you have a TTS application and it has better pronunciation it increases user comprehension.

SteveNoble_: this is very different from assessment content.

SteveNoble_: if anyone is aware of scientific research like this please share.

mhakkinen: I would look forward to hearing from Sara Wood who has talked about the lack of research on TTS>

mhakkinen: attention demands may be higher when there's less than perfect speech

I would expect user familiarity and cognitive or neurological disability to have large effect on speed and comprehension.

janina: on list I've heard younger TTS users preferring a TTS engine over a voice actor. Which surprised me. I've always preferred a human reader.





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