Silver Reliability sub Group

01 February 2022


Daniel, Francis, Wilco

Meeting minutes


Francis: ATs have the ability when markup is wrong. Tihs is not clear

Wilco: Several reasons for ATs to pronounce language correctly
… Could be automatically detected based on programmatic label
… An example is 'lang="french"'
… Some can guess based on "lang" attribute value
… Also Japanese characters may get automatically pronounced as Japanese

Francis: So this 'lang="french"' example would be fixed by some SRs

Wilco: From the perspective that "We care about the outcomes, not how you get there" that would be correct
… Seems like an accessibility support question

[[Changes to document based on discussion]]

Daniel: Are we inferring that SRs should should guess the language even if authors are not using the correct values

Wilco: Yes, this is an unofficial standard

Wilco: I think this is how WCAG3 needs to be, focusing more on the outcome

Wilco: Latin is still an exception.

Francis: Voice is not available example

Daniel: It's not just about voice. It is about braille table changes as well

Wilco: We need to think of language for which there might not be a voice available
… Old English

Francis: Will put these in the exceptions

Wilco: Also there is a bunch of Indian languages, not sure there is a speech synthesizer for each of them


Wilco: Another exception would be when there is no voice
… But still it would need to be pronounced somehow

Francis: Or maybe based on what's the nearest supported language
… or fall back to page language, OS language, or user preference

Wilco: Sure that's an exception. There needs to be a fall back requirement

Francis: Probably native language of the speaker

Wilco: We may want to put this in our exceptions

Daniel: Agree

Wilco: Not sure the default language page will work

Wilco: User's language choice may work. WE could go further than that. We could require that they use a language in the same language family

Francis: That's a lot of work for AT

Wilco: Maybe just leave it to whatever the default is

Francis: AT can do, but browser prevents it
… Not an exception

Daniel: Browser / os may default to English when there is no language declaration. IF you work in English that's less of an issue, if you work in other languages that might be a problem

Wilco: Content provider cannot fix these issues

Wilco: Maybe we need to step back a bit on the second exception. Using the default pronounciation

Wilco: Let's record the braille case. We are talking only about pronunciation up to now.

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