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27 January 2022


alflennik, boaz, howard-e, Isabell, James_Schoels, JoeHumbert, Matt_King, michael_fairchild, mzgoddard
Matt King

Meeting minutes

ARIA-AT Intro Video

Matt_King: what to people think about the aria-at intro video: https://vimeo.com/651279608/45aefd646f

Matt_King: our goal was to make a basic intro to our project to help folks understand what we're doing

jongunderson: I thought it was good

Matt_King: one of the concerns that some people had was that the demo wasn't very convincing.

Matt_King: it highlights the difference in how switch is announced on different ATs

Matt_King: the example is a made up pizza ordering website, and there is a switch for pepporoni. One example announces it as a check box, and another one announces it as a switch.

Matt_King: so we're trying to come up with another demo

boaz: we're also planning to add sign language interpretation and make some changes to graphics and their audio descriptions

boaz: but the demo is the big thing we want input on to find something that is a bigger issue than switch

Matt_King: other examples I'm aware of are combobox, tree, and active descendant

Matt_King: trees are announced as a table on a Mac, and you can't tell the level or anything

boaz: it would be great if we could decide the demo direction today so we could code it next week and hand it over to the Filmaker the week of feb 7th

michael_fairchild: why not active descendant?

jongunderson: how about the grouping label?

James: we had talked about having a switch in a home automation system, like lights or air conditioning, but it's not totally prohibitive when it does work

James: I think combo box is more compelling since it blocks the user, like typing an address into a covid-testing

Matt_King: what if you had like a switch and a combo box, and the switch is for turning notifications on and off, and the combobox is for choosing between text/email/voicemail. on a Mac if you did this, you'd get to the combobox and it would be empty

James: interesting do we want to show two controls or one?

Matt_King: I think showing two is a good idea

JoeHumbert: something everyone can relate to is not working on the phone and working on the desktop

James: I think its a good idea to demonstrate the consequences of the problem

boaz: we do have limitations of following the current narrative of one demo on desktop, then another on laptop

boaz: I think it would be good to have an error be out loud, instead of silent

JoeHumbert: couldn't the voice over audio description say what's happening

boaz: what about a type ahead with states in an address form?

Matt_King: what about a simpler example

James: what if we take the select only combo box

James: on a Mac it gives you a hint about what to do but then doesn't tell you the content

Matt_King: what should the content be?

come up with a task that's about choosing an option, from a group of 4-5 examples

michael_fairchild: the broken example is https://w3c.github.io/aria-practices/examples/combobox/combobox-select-only.html

boaz: what about pharmacy location?

Alyssa_G: you could say choose a location to pick up your medication

Matt_King: what about about choose how you'd like to verify your identy

Matt_King: lets let the director make the final editorial decision, and follow up with the aria-at mailing list to get sign off

boaz: ok!

Zakim: make minutes

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