25 January 2022


dmontalvo, Wilco

Meeting minutes

Francis: What's the status from Janina?

Wilco: Haven't had a response from the pronunciation chairs.

Francis: We haven't managed to get any solid research. It's been people's opinions. If they have something that would be useful.

Jeanne: If we're working on blocks, pronunciation is not to the point.

Wilco: I put some comments at the top of the document
… If a screen reader doesn't have the language, it doesn't need to pronounce it.

Jeanne: Latin is a special case, as it's pronunciation is comes from another language.

Wilco: Latin seems like an interesting edge case, as preferred pronunciation depends on the reader
… Isn't the point that there's no defined pronunciation?

Daniel: There may not be just one pronunciation.

Francis: What happens then with something like Klingon?

Wilco: There is usually a pronunciation for fictional languages.

Jeanne: Is there a problem in screen readers pronouncing it in the default language?

Wilco: Do all screen readers have a default language?

Wilco: Would there be a problem if I had a latin page with lang="ja"

Jeanne: If they spoke Japanese that would make sense, but if they learned Latin from an English teacher it would be a problem

<jeanne> https://www.gutenberg.org/files/218/218-h/218-h.htm#link2H_4_0001

Francis: I agree to using the default pronunciation.

Daniel: For blocks there may not be a need, but for the page there should be a lang code.

Wilco: So preferred pronunciation is required for Latin, forcing it to use English is an issue.

Wilco: Since there is (from what I've heard) no Czech speech in IOS, does that mean you can't use Czech text in IOS?

Francis: Seems like it shouldn't.

Francis: What about if it comes from a niche feature in one particular screen reader?

Wilco: What about lang="English". It is not a standardised way to indicate language, but in theory assistive technologies could support it.

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