APA Personalization Task Force Teleconference - 3 Jan Monday 2022

03 January 2022


becky, CharlesL, janina, JF, Matthew_Atkinson

Meeting minutes

<janina> https://www.w3.org/wiki/Holidays

<Matthew_Atkinson> Thanks Janina. UK bank (public) holidays (includes link to ICS file): https://www.gov.uk/bank-holidays

Follow-up on i18n issue #144

<becky> lionel: no response from i18n, yet

<Lionel_Wolberger> https://github.com/w3c/personalization-semantics/issues/144

<becky> Janina: some confusion of works Matthew and Lisa have completed

<becky> Matthew: yes, is a rendering with the symbols; default of symbol position is above. It works with Bliss symbols but still have to get the URI made public ( by Lisa).

<becky> Janina: killer demo is pressing a button and changing symbol set

<becky> Matthew: we don't have that yet. Need to figure out how and where to publish the demo with the latest changes

<becky> Janina: believe we can just show it off to i18n using an non-public website to move the issue forward

<becky> Matthew_Atkinson : will work with Lisa to get if made publically available

<becky> Matthew_Atkinson: github isn't up to date with instructions; I am happy to write them up but need public URI first

<becky> CharlesL: if we can move the icon to the side rather than above, then we can potentially shift for different language directions; user preference would be good; If is positioned via css it can be positioned below or wherever user prefers

<becky> janina: do we have thoughts on how to build in support for other sets?

<becky> Lionel_Wolberger : I believe this tool allows uploading another set

<becky> Matthew_Atkinson: there is functionality to try and use another set but it doesn't work, yet

<becky> Matthew_Atkinson : needs further development work

<becky> Matthew_Atkinson : code is there but pointers to other symbol set is broken

<becky> janina: want the symbol sets to be "reliably located" so they can be found

CR draft Status (if #144 is clear)

<becky> janina: I want to start the prep for CR; will make argument to WAI/W3c management since we know that we will have two CRs due to issue with data-

<becky> janina: want to get process started; we can at least update issue #144 once we have the URL to example and press i18n to respond

<becky> janina: might be use implementation URL to be on Lisa's website for now

Content Module Implementations check-in: LMS Blackboard?

<becky> Lionel_Wolberger: Implementation requests: access board is at work on page implementation; user way will do some kind of rendering but need the markup from the access board; BBC declined; TDBank declined;

<becky> Janina: we have friends inside Boston's WGBH public radio/tv and NCAM

<becky> JF: suggests we should chat with Nigel?

<becky> Janina: yes, and Lisa also has a contact at BBC

<becky> JF: I also suggested building a module for TinyMCE before the holidays; I believe a plugin added to a WYSIWYG editor to support content module should be enough to support the specification

<becky> JF: tinyMCE used to be the default editor in Wordpress (before Guttenberg); implementation would add a drop down or mechanism to add the various content module attributes

<becky> JF: civic actions (where Mike Gifford is now) may be someone to contact

<becky> Lionel_Wolberger: did have a meeting with web page builder; this isn't really their business

<becky> Lionel_Wolberger: someone mentioned pinging Sheri at VMWare;

<becky> Janina: would like to wait until we have a renderer before reaching out

<becky> Lionel_Wolberger: Amazon has come up

<becky> Janina: Amazon is interested; I will follow up

<becky> Janina: good to poke NCAM and LG as soon as we have the renderer and instructions

<becky> JF: we do need to make sure we can show other attributes in addition to symbols

<becky> Janina: element level semantics (JF's term) has been very helpful for people to understand

<becky> JF: just want to make sure we focus on more than just the symbols

<becky> JF: adding an icon to identify help links is similar to symbols but perhaps more general and different

<becky> lionel: 4 of 6 attributes can involve adding iconographg to page; others remove information

<becky> s/WIX/web page builder/

<becky> Janina: we were thinking about ruby and Japanese; could ping Makoto

<becky> Lionel_Wolberger: also wanted to approach a LMS - learning management system

<becky> JF: I think biggest problem with LMS is that people using it don't understand what needs to be done to create accessible content

<becky> Lionel_Wolberger: would be good to contact ETS

<becky> CharlesL: do we have a "pitch" type email template we can fine tune for reaching out to our contacts

<becky> lionel: I will send my template to Charles

<becky> janina: ETS is doing significant work in APA task forces

<becky> Janina: we need to make the authoring easier - as mentioned during our joint TPAC meetings

<becky> janina: need to make pronunciation, aria, personalization, etc easier for authors to add

<becky> Lionel_Wolberger: what about WebAIM?

<becky> some discussion of WebAIM's participation in W3c

<becky> Matthew_Atkinson: definitely agree that it would be good to get implementations in editors; perhaps look at wikipedia - they already deal with simplification; what about simplifying twitch or youtube? generally apps that have multiple streams happening at once

<CharlesL> +1 to naming the modules to real names

<becky> Matthew_Atkinson: I attended COGA meeting but didn't get through many attributes; I also believe we need to refer to modules by name vs using numbers (1, 2,3) as this is confusing; COGA was enthusiastic

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