08 December 2021


JamesN, MattK, MichaelC, PeterK

Meeting minutes

Moving APG to W3C site


unsure of process to publish to WAI site, how to trigger builds

content changes would be publishable on their own

design would need some EO review

hope to publish March - May timeframe

Accname checkin

no quorum

spec-prod GitHub action replacing Travis

the action replaces travis

should be invisible for eddraft builds

now that we have actions, should add some linting and code correction

MichaelC to explore this

Travis-CI no longer in use

bug that spec-prod can´t publish to protected branch

Respec bug

APG was published with Respec bug that has permalinks inside heading, a11y issue

fix has been merged

need to republish the APG with that fix

ACTION: MichaelC to fix APG in place wrt permalink location

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2164 - Fix apg in place wrt permalink location [on Michael Cooper - due 2021-12-15].

ACTION: MichaelC to explore code quality tools for ARIA using gh-actions

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2165 - Explore code quality tools for aria using gh-actions [on Michael Cooper - due 2021-12-15].

JQuery vulnerability

Think we don´t use JQuery anymore, has been removed from main scripts

remove from aria-common and see what breaks?

after CR pub

ACTION: MichaelC to remove JQuery from aria-common

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2166 - Remove jquery from aria-common [on Michael Cooper - due 2021-12-15].

Mapping tables bug

AAMs have script to convert mappings, side effect is respec export is missing ids

because the script has processed the table, which shouldn´t happen in the export scenario

options: 1) removeonsave 2) change ids to data-id and fix after

(add data-id generation to script, so as to be able to repopulate ids when needed)

would be good to use an export hook, but there isn´t one now

but Marcos is working on one

James to discuss with Valerie

Call time

Could move call time earlier or later, avoid Europe dinner time

90 minutes later good for people here

Michael to send option to list

Next meeting

no meeting 22 Dec

Next call: 5 January 2022

(do virtual checkin by email at least on statuses)

Summary of action items

  1. MichaelC to fix APG in place wrt permalink location
  2. MichaelC to explore code quality tools for ARIA using gh-actions
  3. MichaelC to remove JQuery from aria-common
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