MiniApps WG Teleconference

25 November 2021


angel, Canfeng_Chen, Changhao_Liang, Dan_Zhou, Manvi_Kapoor, martin, QingAn, wangww, Wenli_Zhang, xfq, xiaoqian, yanyumeng, Yulu_Chao, Zitao_Wang
xfq, xiaoqian

Meeting minutes

MiniApp Lifecycle


QingAn: xfq made some suggestions
… I agree
… can we merge this PR?
… for a11y and security & privacy, I'm still working on it
… for a11y we still need to meet with the Mobile Accessibility Task Force of the AG WG

MiniApp Manifest

QingAn: manifest

martin: we don't have any update to the spec

Zitao: we need to update the accessibility part
… for other parts I think we're mature enough
… we need to work with the accessibility folks

martin: we're following the discussions about translation in web app manifest

MiniApp Packaging

martin: I updated the packaging spec
… suggestions from xfq
… update some links and references
… ready to move forward

xfq: will publish FPWD next week

MiniApp Addressing


Dan_Zhou: about addressing, need more comments
… hope to merge the PR

QingAn: I took a quick look
… think it's a big one
… need more time to think
… I would like to ask if there's any comments

Canfeng_Chen: we have suggestions to add some widget-related use cases to Addressing
… will comment on GitHub

QingAn: propose we give another 2 weeks
… to solicit comments

Dan_Zhou: no problem

Canfeng_Chen: sounds good to me

Widget Requirement


Canfeng_Chen: plan to further improve this document
… and plan to start another widget spec in the CG
… give us 2 weeks

Zitao: you listed some requirements in the document
… related to URI, packaging, lifecycle, manifest etc.
… have you read the current work in the Working Group?
… do you think they're harmonized?

Canfeng_Chen: we have compared each requirement
… with the current work in the WG
… for Packaging, Lifecycle, and Manifest we're satisfied
… for Addressing we think it needs more examples

Zitao: I suggest that you prepare an explainer
… may help others understand

Canfeng_Chen: what is an explainer?

[Zitao explains what an explainer is]

xfq: can we merge https://github.com/w3c/miniapp-widget/pull/3 ?

Canfeng_Chen: give us two weeks
… need to look at it in more detail

White paper maintenance


QingAn: do we want to start from the previous version or start a new outline?

Dan_Zhou: I suggest to expand our previous version

Zitao: I see comments from Angel, Dan_Zhou, and xfq
… we need to explain what's the benefit, what's the gap

[QingAn shares his outline]

[Discuss QingAn's updated ToC]

QingAn: I will upload it to GitHub
… let's discuss the outline first

Canfeng_Chen: timeline?

Zitao: plan to publish it around the New Year

angel: MiniApps is not only in China
… there are similar products all over the world
… I was wondering if we should be looking at the international products
… like products from the U.S., Europe, Japan and South Korea

xfq: yes, maybe we can ask some other participants in the CG
… will look into this

QingAn: I'd be happy to send an invitation to them

QingAn: maybe also those participants of our MiniApps Workshop?

Zitao: +1
… look forward to other partners

angel: we should also collect the information during TPAC?
… we should provide an overview of what happening in the globe

QingAn: good idea

<angel> if needed, I can collect these TPAC info and see if they are useful for the white paper

QingAn: we should also make the most of the materials we prepared for the TPAC

ACTION: angel to collect feedback from TPAC


xiaoqian: I wonder if we can provide some material on the WG or CG for the developers
… we have prepared a lot of info for TPAC
… can we provide a developer-oriented page?
… learning resource for MiniApp developers
… do people think it's worth doing?

QingAn: MiniApp developers may not work for W3C members
… I think the community group is more suitable than the working group
… could you or xfq collect these materials?

xiaoqian: What do you think of putting them on MDN?

QingAn: I'm supportive of this idea
… developers care more about the implementation support of MiniApp technologies

<martin> +1 for MDN documentation. Specs are usually hard to understand by developers

QingAn: if we have more progress on the converting tool people will be interested


<angel> + 1 to provide Miniapp dev info

QingAn: MiniApp developers are not interested in standard documents

Zitao: agreed
… we need to have a page about how to develop a standard MiniApp

xiaoqian: maybe we can make it an agenda item for the next meeting

QingAn: next meeting, Dec 23?

angel: Too close to christmas

Zitao: how about joint meeting with CG on Dec 16?

QingAn: OK

Next WG meeting: 16 December 2021, 12:00 -> 13:00 UTC

Next CG meeting: 16 December 2021, 13:00 -> 14:00 UTC

<angel> +1 to Dec 16

Summary of action items

  1. angel to collect feedback from TPAC
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