WoT Use Cases

23 November 2021


Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_Lagally, Michael_McCool, Ryuichi_Matsukura, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Tomoaki_Mizushima
kaz, McCool

Meeting minutes


conexxus could not join today, further discussion deferred to a future meeting

Publication plan

Lagally: orchestration has come up in several topics, we should probably gather requirements for it
… would be good also to finalize the retail/ECLASS use case
… and we need to look at the Industry 4.0 use case
… and housekeeping, we should see what we can publish by the end of the year
… there are a number of new contributions lately that would be worth including

McCool: propose we stop taking new things end of nov and spend dec cleaning up
… any publication moratoria?

Kaz: dec 21 is deadline for this year

<kaz> December 20, 1200Z:  Deadline for publication requests before moratorium

<kaz> December 21: Last publications before moratorium

Kaz: need to send request one day earlier, so dec 20

Lagally: ok, and probably aiming for one week before
… next week's call is still in nov, then we have dec 7 and 14, next would be after deadline
… so just two calls for cleanup and approval

Kaz: although note can be published without worrying the deadline

McCool: although getting things done by the 14th would be a good idea because holidays

McCool: think it makes sense to consolidate conexxus
… regarding gaps, time series data has also come up now and them

McCool: I think in general we need better support for "client" things for various reasons: security, power savings, etc.
… and that leads to needs for shadows (e.g. a service caching state for a thing), and that leads naturally to a service that holds historical data

<kaz> https://www.w3.org/2021/03/media-production-workshop/agenda.html

Kaz: media and entertainment (w3c workshop on media production) has some use cases for IoT as well
… many topics, synchronization for instance; also metadata.

McCool: think we should ask NHK for some broader use cases

Kaz: expect some new use case from web-based media production

McCool: I also want to point out that smart tvs are natural iot hubs, already include web browsers, and would be a good way to engage Samsung, Sony, LG, etc.

Lagally: wonder if we have expertise in this group for media

McCool: think we should look into recruitment efforts, starting with a few more joint calls with MEIG

Kaz: have been looking at playback, but lately looking at production

McCool: and home entertainment is perhaps another one

Kaz: but home production is also a thing now

Lagally: but we can start by looking at indoor retail camera
… would be a good step forward
… video streams

McCool: agree that video streams are an important use case we should look at; applies to surveillance, but also home teleconferencing, etc.

Lagally: generic question; specific things like playback, or more general "media handling" goal in charter

Kaz: media handling is really a horizontal use case

McCool: also connects to edge computing and analytics

McCool: suggest we consolidate what we have over the next three weeks, but start an issue to capture thoughts about gaps, requirements, etc

Issues for next publication

Issues marked with "publication-2.0"

Lagally: some discussion during the Editors call as well

Issues 103 - Discovery requirements

Issues 104 - Discovery use cases

McCool: will have discussion during the Discovery call on Monday

Issue 49 - Complete privacy section for Oauth use case

Lagally: what about issues on Security/Privacy?

<mlagally_> wot-security Issue 203 - Consolidate security issues of use cases document

Lagally: please consolidate the use case issues related to security



Lagally: (goes through the minutes)



PR 140

PR 140 - Retail use case with ECLASS semantics

Lagally: would merge this

McCool: wondering if the Dataset Exchange WG is still active

Kaz: yes

McCool: maybe we need some clean-up

McCool: suggest we go ahead and merge, then deal with cleanup during consolidation; we already have GS1 somewhere else, I think (it is about barcodes)

Lagally: merge this and add clean-up later

PR 153

PR 153 - Remove "editor note" markup and deleted duplicate reference section

Lagally: fixed the style of ECHONET text within the Liaison section


Lagally: McCool, do you think you can generate some text for OGC?

McCool: yeah

Lagally: what about EdgeX?

McCool: should ask Farshid
… can generate one line or two, though

Lagally: would merge this

McCool: agree

PR 136

PR 136 - Draft: Digital twin use case

McCool: where is this from?

Lagally: MiniApps group

McCool: talking with them about Edge Computing context as well

McCool: any possible conflicts with the existing use cases on digital twins?

Lagally: don't think there is any conflict though there are overlaps

McCool: ok with merging this and think consolidation later

Lagally: agree


Lagally: let's look at the contributions directory; seems the digital twins uc we just merged might be in the wrong place

<kaz> merged MD on Digital Twin use case

Lagally: need volunteer to generate HTML file (by running tools) from MD files; may want to collect a bunch first, make sure they are in the right

PR 90

<kaz> PR 90 - Industry 4.0 - Motivation for OPC UA Binding

Sebastian: regarding factory/opc-ua/industry 4.0 use case, updated to include McCool's input on security

Lagally: would merge this PR
… but we need a volunteer to generate the HTML for this
… Mizushima-san, can you do that?

Mizushima: no problem

Kaz: agree with merging this PR, thanks for doing, relates to OPC-UA

<kaz> (merged)


Lagally: have a few other issues without owners that could use some input, eg. automotive

Issue 111

<kaz> Issue 111 - Automotive Use Case based on VSSo

Sebastian: for automotive, Daniel Wilms from BMW; is a mirrored issue in VSSO group; I will ping him

Lagally: aob?

Lagally: none, adjourn

Lagally: pls volunteer...

<kaz> [adjourned]

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