WoT Scripting API

22 November 2021


Cristiano_Aguzzi, Daniel_Peintner, Kaz_Ashimura, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Zoltan_Kis

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Next charter topics


Daniel: created basic list
… Ege added "complex actions"
… that makes sense to me also

Cristiano: Looks good so far

Daniel: Details don't need to be fully specified

Kaz: Right
… more important to look at *new* TD work

Reference terminology section of the architecture specification


Daniel: M. Lagally advised us to look at terms
… 2nd topic was about where to put terminology section

Daniel: should move terminology to Chapter 4

Cristiano: +1
… should also look at terms

Daniel: Agree, suggest having 2 PRs

Cristiano: Makes sense

Kaz: Since Scripting API is a Note, we do not need the conformance section

Daniel: Correct, but i guess it still makes sense .. we also have conventions

Cristiano: wonder whether we can link most of the terms
… e.g, URL terms

Kaz: points to Conformance section. Should revisit it.

Daniel: Will create a dedicated issue about it

<Mizushima> +1

Description for labels


Daniel: Other label

Zoltan: Meant we create "other" label

Daniel: not the plan

Cristiano: +1 for adding the descriptions

Finding correct unsubscribe form


Daniel: Issue links TD issue

Cristiano: TD resolution is to be post-poned
… Ege was saying it is not 1st priority
… algorithm in Scripting spec seems fine

Clarify multiple requests for subscription/observation


Daniel: multiple subscription

Cristiano: Not sure what runtime should do
… one subscribe
… multiple subscribers
… what to do in case of cancellation of 1 subscriber

Daniel: Decision of complexity

Zoltan: Would vote for 1 subscription
… another subscription would overwrite it

Cristiano: I am OK with that

Zoltan: Wonder what should happen in case of a *new* subscription
… throwing error ?

Cristiano: Not throwing hides mistakes

Daniel: +1

Zoltan: +1

subscribeEvent and observerProperty misaligned signature


Daniel: difference of TS definitions and the spec

Cristiano: Will work on PR w.r.t. return type

New op values (queryaction and cancelaction)


Zoltan: Is TD integrating it?

Cristiano: Yes, it has been merged

Zoltan: discuss this next time...

<kaz> [adjourned]

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