WoT Use Cases

02 November 2021


David_Ezell, Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_Lagally, Michael_McCool, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Tomoaki_Mizushima
kaz, McCool, sebastian

Meeting minutes

conexxus retail use case

Lagally: there is no PR available yet

McCool: they mention in the meeting about some sensors

<McCool> ... doorSensor and allStopButton

there are some description provided here


Lagally: lets review the different retail use cases

<mlagally> https://github.com/w3c/wot-usecases/blob/main/USE-CASES/retail/Retail-outdoor-allStopButton.md

Lagally: <shows the All Stop Button use case>


Kaz: do we want to review all of them?

McCool: we asked to prioritize the uc

Kaz: At the end of the vF2F on Oct 26th, David mentioned they would pick a few of the priority use cases based on the discussion, so I'd suggest we wait for their clarification. If we discuss some of the 20 use cases today, there is a possibility David would pick up another one from the 20 use cases in the end.

<kaz> Retail-outdoor-allStopButton.md

Lagally: I'm wondering about the deployment scenario here. Is just a button that is wired to the gateway?

McCool: it's actually more about monitoring purposes

McCool: they have to think about how the orchestration work. You have the status and the button. How to present this to the operator.
… how does the integration work. What happen with dependencies?

Lagally: It seems orchestration need to be more considered. Seems to be a new horizontal

Kaz: as I mentioned, during the vF2F on Oct 26 I asked David to provide some categorizations of the use cases. Probably the updated description should still include orchestration requirements, but we should review the updated use case description next week again. Right?

ml: yes

McCool: there are some connections between Conexxus and Intel

mm: and in particular we previously discussed the use of node-red by store owners to set up integrations

Sebastian: I think, there are already orchestration based use cases provided. E.g., the Industry 4.0 use case will also cover this

Lagally: JS may not perfect for everything. There are security concerns

Lagally: Is the IG charter still open?

Kaz: we have already submitted the draft Charter to W3M
… but we can always publish a new Note, is always possible

Kaz: do we want a dedicated section on requirements for orchestration, right?

<kaz> Use Cases document

Lagally: yes, who can do this section?

Lagally: let's create an issue and lets collect the content

<McCool> mm: suggest we just create an issue and have people submit requirements to it; security, accessible user interface, etc.

Lagally: <setup the issue>

Issue 151

Kaz: multi-modal, voice interaction and mini-apps are also related to orchestration

McCool: time based constraints are also important.
… and state variables, which also important for hysteresis

<kaz> (David joins)

Lagally: Hi David, we just looked into your use case. Checked the stop button

<kaz> Retail-outdoor-allStopButton.md

Lagally: I suggest to reserve next week to have detail discussion about the retail use cases

Dave: Looks good for next week


Kaz: Did we review the minutes from last time?

Lagally: lets do this quickly

<kaz> Sep-28

<kaz> Oct-26

Lagally: any objections for Sep-28?


<Zakim> kaz, you wanted to respond

Are there any objections to October 26?


is the pdf file from Adam available yet?

<kaz> (Lagally will ping Adam; Lagally has uploaded his own slides; Kaz asked David to send his slides to Kaz.)

Some remaining PRs

<kaz> PR 150 - New use case description: digital-microscopes.md

Lagally: I will merge Adam's use case PR about digital microscopes and ping him for the pdf file

<kaz> PR 149 - integrating two use cases: "portable building apps" and "cultural spaces"

Lagally: any objection on the portable building apps use case?


<kaz> [adjourned]

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