WCAG3 Reliability

21 September 2021


Francis_Storr, jeanne, Wilco

Meeting minutes

Proposal for Language of Page - Tests

WIlco: Should we reduce the number of tests?
… value in automated tests
… you can use language detection -- given there is enough text -- to determine if the language is correct

,,, should a manual tester check all the language changes?
… change of language is indicated with lang attribute

… If the change of language is made with lang attributes, there should be no overlap because another test checks for that.
… it doesn't have to test if the change is correct, because we have already checked the language.

Wilco: it's a clean division of what needs to be tested.
… we are combinine two success criteria. We already have a number of tests for this.
… it's a large page, but my guess is that it is not going to get much bigger than this.

Jeanne: I like it spread out more. It is clear and easy to understand. Trying to boil everything down makes it harder to understand and implement.

Wilco: it makes it easier to claim exactly what you support.

Functional Needs




Use without vision

Probably not low vision, except for screenreader use.

USe without vision and hearing

Probably not limited language, because symbol sets use a different attribute than lang

Jeanne: I think we have to be careful not to be fixing the bugs of screenreaders

Use without ability to read

Jeanne: I recommend we run the Braille question by Jason White. Jeanne will take action

Action: Jeanne to contact Jason White about Braille needs for language changes

<Francis_Storr> https://www.w3.org/WAI/WCAG21/Understanding/contrast-minimum.html#dfn-text

Defintion of "appropriate language" - generally the two-character language code. Some countries may require the subcode, such as chinese.

Wilco: We are interested in the Outcome and not how it is done

Francis: The screenreader knows the language being used -- it doesn't matter the solution, just the result.

Wilco: if screenreaders get better, then we won't need the language identification. If image detection gets better, than we won't need alt attribute.

Jeanne: Then we make a user agent method, not an author method.

Wilco: I think this Outcome doesn't tell me what is expected.
… for a lay person, this isn't informative

Summary of action items

  1. Jeanne to contact Jason White about Braille needs for language changes
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