Silver Text Alternatives Ad Hoc

20 Jul 2021


jeanne, Makoto, sajkaj

Meeting minutes

<PeterKorn> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/silver/wiki/User_Generated_Content#User_Generated_Content

<PeterKorn> @Jeanne - I made a bunch of edits to Janina's first "Editor's Note" in the first section of the page, trying to speak to issues raised by Cybelle and others, that I'm not particularly happy with. they need more work.

<PeterKorn> I wanted to bring your attention to them, to note this text is very much a work in progress.

<Makoto> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/WCAG3/2020/methods/text-alternative-editable/

pk: presents background ...

Makoto: agrees with general notion that a site doing most/all of what it can should at least score some minimum

jeanne: suggests avoiding scoring values for now

Makoto: agrees -- talking about scoring at this time would make things more complicated

Makoto: offers to review existing methods from atag and come up with a "to do" list

Makoto: provide popup prompt, help, etc

Makoto: once we've created the list, we can order it into steps

PeterKorn: or, more sensible to say "text alternatives prompted for: ..."

PeterKorn: and a separate collection of things to do

jeanne: notes outcome is that it is or isn't available, methods do the inner steps

sajkaj: suggests the outcome "exiswts" would pass bad alt text as well as good?

PeterKorn: do we ask for it as part of the flow? provide guidance on what constitutes good, etc; but not require that the user actually enters something

jeanne: agrees strongly -- we discussed in atag

PeterKorn: so "ext alt available" may not be correct in practice

jeanne: in this case it would mean "text alternative mechanism available"

PeterKorn: so we would have one or more callout under outcomes for ugc

jeanne: points to text alternative editable as the place for ugc

PeterKorn: text alternative method available

jeanne: could actually rename ...

PeterKorn: makes sense

Makoto: will review this method and suggest next steps

jeanne: please feel free to stage whatever you think, makoto!

sajkaj: asks about functional breakdown, e.g. decorative, functional vs informative, etc

jeanne: not yet; we can ednote and ask for feedback

Makoto: will also share this topic with ta group

PeterKorn: suggests making changes in the wcag draft and ping when ready for review

PeterKorn: confirms we're aiming still at august wd

jeanne: certainly hope so, noting it's late, but maybe

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