Silver Task Force & Community Group

16 July 2021


Francis_Storr, jeanne, Jemma, jenniferS, Lauriat, Makoto, mgarrish, PeterKorn, Rachael, sajkaj, sarahhorton, SuzanneTaylor, Wilco
jeanne, Shawn

Meeting minutes

<PeterKorn> I'm only partly here until my coffee finishes brewing

August draft prep

<jeanne> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/silver/wiki/Project_Plan_for_Q3_Working_Draft

jeanne: Asks SH for Errors update ...

sarahhorton: Have a PR approved by Michael, now need Facilitator approval and merge

jeanne: Believe we need AGWG approval before we merge

jeanne: That's the agreed process

jeanne: Michael is working up a process doc for us

jeanne: And you're on track to present on 27th? Also, this is just methods; says "scoring to be determined"

sarahhorton: Yes, also responded to several comments received

sarahhorton: Methods with some fixes from before; and two new methods

jeanne: WBS goes 22nd ...

Rachael: Can be generic WBS unless specific feedback wanted

sajkaj: Shows only text design

sarahhorton: Yes, so still a Michael task

Jemma: Have minor typo edits etc so will be updating PR

sarahhorton: I'll let him know it needs to be up by the 22nd

<Jemma> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35422/wcag3-error-prevention/results

jeanne: Suggest the fewer questions the more succinctly we can present this as already discussed and reviewed

sarahhorton: asks about how to do walk through

sarahhorton: AGWG hasn't seen the two new methods, but it's the same outcomes

Rachael: maybe a single question--the conversation should still come up

jeanne: another guideline for august?

sarahhorton: another in dev, but not by august

<PeterKorn> Coffee acquired!

jeanne: Turns to Explainer ---

jeanne: on for 3 Aug

jeanne: So for us next Friday 23 July

jeanne: User Gen also for 23rd here

jeanne: New ACT for Tuesday?

Wilco: yes

Francis_Storr: Will endeavor to get my ACT part in today

jeanne: Asks Makoto about AGWG on 22nd ...

makoto want to update

Makoto: have weekly Tuesday mtg

Makoto: have 9 public comments from FPWD

<Makoto> https://github.com/w3c/silver/labels/Subgroup%3A%20Alt%20Text

Makoto: We've finished drafting responses

Makoto: draft responses on github

Makoto: now have 3 more methods

Makoto: but still reviewing to make sure we didn't miss something

Makoto: sufficient technique review

Makoto: comparing against html spec, eo tutorials

Makoto: believe a few more weeks

jeanne: asks whether new methods postponed beyond tuesday?

Makoto: we can show them noting we're still working to clean them up

jeanne: good, good to get feedback

jeanne: Suggests returning Alt for the 10th of Aug

PeterKorn: Notes we're trying to dev example of User Generated for alt

PeterKorn: could we phps have a joint mtg about how we work that in?

PeterKorn: would be good for AGWG to have seen without User Gen so that it's something new on the 3rd

jeanne: Yes, Alt scheduled for next Tuesday, so User Gen would be new on the 3rd

<jeanne> Janina: The summary of what we want to do in User Generated Content is to allow less than perfect content when ordinary people post information in social media. We do expect owners of social media sites to show people the right way to make accessibility and prompt them.

<jenniferS> What about for an app like Instagram that builds an app that doesn't provide an avenue for users to add alt text?

<jeanne> Peter: Images on large social media sites have such volume at such a rate, that they cannot be manually addressed

PeterKorn: volume is too high for platforms to cover and fix

PeterKorn: believe alt is best prototype for the approach

jeanne: will be related to atag methods

<Francis_Storr> One interesting addition to the HTML spec is the concept of "ancillary images" which are "neither purely decorative nor entirely redundant with the text": https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/images.html#ancillary-images

jenniferS: asks about apps that don't prompt; can we say apps should?

jenniferS: notes twitter finally added but still not ideal

<PeterKorn> Sorry; my audio dropped.

<PeterKorn> Be right back.

<Zakim> Lauriat, you wanted to suggest visual recognition systems as a method as well

jeanne: that is the atag method; but we may want it in its own outcome

Lauriat: notes auto recognition systems somewhere better than XX.jpg; but not top-- so another thing to consider

jeanne: asks Shawn to draft ...

Lauriat: ok

Makoto: what about partial conformance of wcag 2.x? user gen has been exception

Makoto: will there be difference in wcag3?

PeterKorn: yes, but probably not today ...

<Lauriat> Also a user agent method, since I just remembered Chrome offers generated alt text on all platforms: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/9311597

PeterKorn: idea is to push to do all that is reasonably feasible should be recognized and credited

PeterKorn: so we will say "here's what you should do"

<jeanne> That would be awesome to have a User Agent method as well!

jeanne: asks whether expecting any new methods for xr captioning

SuzanneTaylor: not enough participation right now to finalize

jeanne: so current focus across the board is methods and outcomes; and scoring will come later--august

jeanne: seems we'll have substantial content for aug wd

Subgroup check-in

jeanne: seems we've heard from groups -- anyone else

jenniferS: re struct content -- still getting the group organized

jenniferS: hoping to get substantive next week

jeanne: asks re clear words or visual contrast

jeanne: maturity?

<jenniferS> Suzanne - I have a MITRE colleague that could assist with XR captioning. Jordan Higgins. How can he participate?

jeanne: aware that maturity would like to get some of their content published in august

jeanne: functional needs?

jeanne: conformance arch?

Francis_Storr: will be meeting again monday

jeanne: notes clear words is meeting again with more coga participation

[discussion of new member adds]

PeterKorn: re further coordination between groups

PeterKorn: anyone looking at media guidance aside from xr?

jeanne: unfortunately, no

jeanne: might be good thing to ask from AGWG

jeanne: or maybe User Generated content?

PeterKorn: what we have from xr does not cover the usual caption -- so how to do?

<jeanne> Janina: APA is scheduling joint meetings at TPAC

<jeanne> Janina: Important to set agenda topics for TPAC joint meetings

<jeanne> ... Personalizations module should be presented to Silver

<jeanne> ... APA always meets with CSS

<jeanne> ... Media Queries 5 is an important area, Janina will get the link to the video of a presentation


<jeanne> ... Pronunciation task force is looking at different approaches

<jeanne> Janina: We may want to host a breakout session

<jeanne> ... Content Usable is a great example of a potential breakout session

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