16 July 2021


JakeAbma, Joshue108

Meeting minutes

Overview of current work

JA: I've been working on something that lots of people seem to like

JA: Showed to Josh last week

Happy to show you Michael.

MC: please do

JA: Gives overview of his work - created some new terms

MC: How do functions and needs relate?

JA: <explains>

Josh: Jake will you share this deck?

JA: Yes

JA: Asks how far user needs should go, their granularity etc.

Lots of variability

Discusses intersections etc

Mentions the goal of creating new guidelines for WCAG etc, and that they are basd on requirements/outcomes

JA: I think the terms are interchangable.

JA, wonders what are the simple solutions are for those outcomes

We had variability in definitions of user needs

This is useful for helping define user outcomes

Gives overview of intersection between user needs and functions => Outcomes

JA: I deleted many of the categorisations

and simplified to just the high level

and I started to fit them in.

Demonstrating concise and clear requirements

It an relate to WCAG but does not have to be WCAG specific

JA: I found that when filling in I was identifying some needs being too granular for our definition

they should be moved as they represent an intersection

Doing this sets more clear boundaries on the high level user needs we are looking at

JA: Working like this helps to create boundaries

JA: This feels like a complete, and right way of doing things.

JA: I think if we fill in this spreadsheet it could be what we want

It may also help with Principles

JOC: thanks Jake, looks great to me, need to understand a bit better but v promising

MC: So I'm wondering about the high level requirements, they seem like the guidelines in WCAG - will these be broken down into technology or tool guidelines?

JA: No. I'm not sure how to write these outcomes - but we need to figure that out.

JA: We need to spend some time writing these - some things can be taken from WCAG etc.

MC: We should take that from WCAG, put it into context and edit from there.

JA: My first exercise is to fill in the spread sheet, and identify clear user need and user function

then we are nearly complete

then next exercise is to add the WCAG criteria, as an exercise at intersections

JA: This helps us identify gaps

JOC: +1 to this as an exercise

MC: The DB I'm working on would allow some many to many mappings.

MC: It will be interesting to see if a certain outcome maps to many sections.

This is another dimension

JOC: <groks where Jake is coming from with extensively mapping intersections and then doing gap analysis against existing standards>

MC: +1 to that - as well look at things like WCAG, we may find it does mostly map except for things we can't place

That may indicate either a non essential requirement or we have an incomplete list

MC: Suggests looking at guidelines early

JOC: I'd like input from Charles on this also - so we can confirm that this idea as an abstraction and tool is going in the right direction.

ALso I'd like us to check, map with WCAG sooner rather than later

MC: Sounds good -

<Michael demonstrates some of the FAST work>

Some of this corresponds with what Jake has

We need to identify 'here is what is needed to enable these needs'

MC: If we had a model like this, we an plug in new technologies

To identify new guideline

MC: This seems like a good candidate framework

JOC: I like that we potentially have a global map of requirements that we can map to existing standards and identify gaps

MC: Ok, next steps - we need something mature enough to show

But also something that we can work on and iterate.

MC: If the feedback shows that this is broken, we have to make sure w haven't massively invested in it.

JA: I started with Percieved, Operable

Would like to work on personlisation..

I'd like the group to look and add comments

Would like to get it 80% complete

THen we can take next steps

MC: Jake can you complete this by next week?

I can give it a shot.

Then on hols

JOC: We can review this when Jake is away

MC: It makes sense that the rest of us can work on this.

In Sept we can take a proposal to the Silver TF

JA: Really want to see peoples comments

<JakeAbma> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1POhgI_xHZtSoNbHFp3r5HYIkl6ePaP8DC5d90SZ1tF4/edit?ts=608bfa6d#gid=752043294

JOC: URI for speadsheet

JOC: How does this work relate to the survey?

JA: I've been through it - and have added things - some suggestions are there etc

<MichaelC> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eJkgXqbh7dx3uD6XAy8XAANmwfbbVZ5GKb_gbsUdkVs/edit#


JA: WOuld like to have a draft of the spreadsheet ready

WIthout the intersections between them all.

Maybe too open

Some people wanted to know where to start/stop etc

THe boundaries now are more clear.

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