Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

15 Jul 2021


LisaSeemanKest, JustineP, Rain_, Jennie, johnkirkwood, cweidner, Roy, Rachael, Albert, JohnRochford
Kris Ann


<scribe> scribe: Jennie

Check in with all sub-groups and action requests: https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/coga/wiki/PlanningPage

<Rain_> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/coga/wiki/PlanningPage

Rain: Lisa and I have been trying to update the planning page (link shared above)
... The group will go through the planning page and I will update it as we continue the discussion
... John Rochford is working on leading the Clear Words subgroup
... He is not here today.
... The page will start with the person's name, then the action item.
... We will have the date the actions are due.
... John Rochford just joined

John Rochford: This week I met with Alastair and Rain. We strategized together.

<Rain_> Correction for record: John R met with Alastair and Abi

scribe: For Clear Words, we are just starting up
... We are developing a document and a framework.

Rain: Regarding Accessible Authentication - I will follow up on that
... On the AGWG meeting on Tuesday there was an effort to approve the recommended text that Alastair had originally written
... That this group was not comfortable with. I asked them to wait.
... Thank you John.

<Rain_> Jennie: met with designer, excited to work on this, setting up meetings with Rain and John K and the designer

Jennie: I will follow up with Michael Cooper to ensure the image specifications will work on the pages.

John K: I have been in a support role on several groups, but no specific action items.

Rain: So John K is giving feedback, reviewing designs. Thank you.

Chris W: I am participating on the Clear Words subgroup but won't be able to attend today's meeting.

scribe: I am having people in my organization review the Clear Words documentation and Content Usable.

Rain: OK, I have updated the planning page.
... Allie is not on the call, neither is David F.

Justine P: For the mental health subgroup we are making progress on the lit review, but need to extend the date to the end of August.

scribe: I have released a call for additional participants to the COGA list so more people can help with the lit review.
... We have received comments on the draft, and are focusing on this as well.

Rain: Specific action items and dates?

Justine P: end of August is completing the lit review.

Rain: OK I have updated the page
... Andrew K and Janina are not on the call. Kris Anne sent regrets. Abi is also absent.
... Abi has been working on the Accessible Authentication challenges

John R: yes, that is what Abi, Alastair and I met about

Rain: OK thank you.
... EA is not here.

Steve: In regards to the website design I would like time on the agenda for next week.

Rain: Great!

Roy: At this time I have no assigned tasks

Lisa: I have completed a first pass for Clear Words - putting an alternative version mapping to each user need
... For Help I filled in part of the template, using the same process in the new template with 2 patterns that map clearly to 1 user need
... Hopefully that will help determine if we like that process.
... I have 2 new pages I received for the Mental Health lit review
... I will work on that
... The other is how we want to organize research for each pattern so it is easy to find, but not too difficult to complete
... The recruiting for the mental health subgroup is really important
... I think we said that would be end of July
... David F has reviewed tons of work for mental health, but he had not put it in a document where we could see it and reference it
... It would be great to put them in the research document
... It might be helpful if people have their subgroups next to their name.
... Or key tasks assigned to them.
... Just a suggestion

<JustineP> I sent an email to the COGA list earlier this week with a call for participation in the MH subgroup, need to focus on additional recruiting beyond that.

COGA participant list


Jennie: I am having trouble viewing people's emails

John K: I have the same issue as Jennie is

Rain: I will assign this to Roy, and ask that you take a look into this

Roy: Is it just John K and Jennie?

Rain: Not sure, because I do not have the issue

Roy: I do not have the issue either

Rain: For Silver help, I did put definitions in so we can get feedback on from the subgroup.
... I did not get the wireframes done for the new ones, so I will have those done by July 30
... I will also get the Figma file for the designer, Pamela
... I will do that before the subgroup's meeting (image subgroup)
... I am also working with Silver Help and Silver Clear Words; and helping wrap up the Accessible Authentication issues

Albert: I have had a busy few weeks, but plan to participate more on the mental health subgroup lit review and recruiting/outreach

Rain: for the lit review - do you have a date when you will have a paper reviewed?

Albert: I believe it will be one paper per week for each Monday meeting

Rain: For the new member documentation do you have a target date? I know it is lower priority.

Albert: I believe we agreed that when a new member joins and we have an orientation, I will attend and try to capture the questions and answers.
... This will finish the document

Rachael: I am continuing to work on the lit review on the mental health.

Rain: Another is to connect with the leadership around having an anonymous participant

Rachael: I did do that. There is no existing documentation, and I was asked to draft this.
... I am doing so, then it has to go through approvals, so I would expect another month.

Rain: OK
... Thank you for going through this.
... Please let me know if this is useful to you, or if another approach would be more useful.

* I really appreciate having the action items easy to find. Thank you Rain.

Community outreach

Rain: we need to determine exactly what we are targeting in terms of outreach
... We are also wanting your feedback about a community group - not part of the task force, but is a group that we can reach out to, looks over the documents we are writing.

<johnkirkwood> +1 to a community group

Lisa: We were thinking we needed something a bit in between inviting people to join, and having people do reviews of documents
... something different as a structure
... I don't think having this group filled with enough representation of the people with all the different disabilities
... To have them both with these disabilities, and an understanding of accessibility and with the right technical skills
... It will be hard to find
... And will they have the time and energy to join
... From our perspective, if we can get a community group going, who can give us a lot of information about what works for them
... and our group can continue writing
... The other thing for them is an awareness of what we are doing
... and how it can help them
... For example if their social security system is giving them difficulty on how to use it they may not know what information they can share
... I think there is an interplay
... for getting the right level of participation
... We don't have to give an orientation process to everyone that is just reviewing documents
... There are things we can do with the feedback

Jennie: I like the idea. I would like to see smaller cluster groups that could bring people with developmental disabilities, both that use and don't use AAC devices
... that we could meet with as COGA members, then bring back their feedback. They may not do well with a larger community group, but would do well in smaller conversations

John K: I would also like to bring in people from the brain injury community as well, plus work with some in the medical community

Lisa: I think this would also help those looking for testers
... Maybe there could also be a bit of an incentives
... I like what both Jennie and John K have shared
... This would be practical to help connect people with potential testers
... This could be a nice place to bring the clusters together

Rain: I am hearing a lot of support for this idea.
... The next step would be a draft of what this might look like

<cweidner> q

Lisa: And capturing the main points in our to-do list

Chris W: I have a question around the protocol for subgroups

scribe: I am working with people from my organization
... Is it ok to ask someone to join the subgroup meetings?

Lisa: It is a little bit complicated because they have to agree to the W3C policy

*Thanks MichaelC! Can't see that in the scribe commands easily while scribing :)

Lisa: If they are contributing, they have to do this. But we can pull them in as invited experts

<johnkirkwood> If we created a community group, could they not participate that way?

Albert: I like the idea but I saw somewhere that we were writing how we can bring in different participants with disabilities
... Were we writing this down somewhere?

<Rain_> This is the document Albert is asking about: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RbjN7fLaucSzVfTqQdoCHoX3GFEoyHz2iiz3ap9Yd6k/edit

Albert: I think we should finish this before we start this new process.

(Albert said the above line)

Albert: I also think we should have a designated person for connecting with
... If people have questions

Rain: This isn't how we would have a community group, it is more of a guide for how other W3C members can work with our group
... Those 2 ideas inform each other
... Thank you for your thoughts on this
... in terms of wrapping this up - Lisa and I will go over this more together and bring this back to the group with a clear plan

Reminder about EOWG’s request, and ask again if anyone can take responsibility for looking it over

Rain: Just a reminder that tomorrow the EO working group will be sending out surveys that they really want our feedback on
... Kris Anne is not on the call today, but is liasoning with the group on this
... They need feedback by July 26
... I will forward the surveys when I receive them
... I need some people to commit before our next task force meeting
... Is there anyone that can take on that responsibility
... EO is education and outreach

Albert: What exactly is the responsibility?

Rain: We need to make sure that somebody from COGA looks over them before the next task force meeting.

*Possibly, but need to see what it is

TPAC planning

Rain: I will ask the same question when we receive the survey. We will expect the surveys tomorrow.
... TPAC is coming up. Janina sent out a last call for any participation plans.
... Lisa, Rachael and I discussed this a bit
... As the COGA task force there are 2 things we should consider doing ...1: meeting with specific groups, especially personalization ...2: have a half day session on how to bring people with cognitive and learning disabilities into the W3C process
... Question for the group: should this be something we do? Are there others
... And do you want to volunteer for these tasks?

Jennie: would this be in person or virtual?

Rachael: there is no in person - it is virtual

Jennie: I would be interested in leading the half day session if I can have helpers

John K: I can work with Jennie on that

Rain: thank you both - I would be happy to help

Rachael: I would be happy to help as well

Lisa: For the groups we should meet with I think personalization and APA are the most urgent
... Personalization because we are starting to think about module 1
... They are starting to think about module 2
... Internationalization would be the other group because they asked us
... We could decide not to do it because there work is slightly lower priority, but TPAC is a real opportunity
... They have some issues we really liked: internationalization in different language sometimes requires different support, like Japanese
... Jennie was talking about clusters - internationalization clusers might really work well here for collecting those user needs
... Similarities between those that are migrants, temporarily there
... there are a lot of similar needs to those with less language familiarity
... TPAC is a great moment for that

Rain: I will get back to Janina and let her know that these are the things we would like to do

Lisa: Any other groups people would like to speak to?
... I think we should also speak to diversity

Rain: I have added these on the list
... I will get back to Janina, let her know we discussed these items, and ask for a bit of time to consider other groups

<LisaSeemanKest> and mobile web

Rain: Lisa and I will find out what our next steps are on Monday

Lisa: CC the chairs because I am not sure who we are meant to be asking

Rain: I will add Silver and ACT

<LisaSeemanKest> silver and act

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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