The <swing> element

Parent element: <sound>

The <swing> element specifies whether or not to use swing playback, where consecutive on-beat / off-beat eighth or 16th notes are played with unequal nominal durations.

The <first> and <second> elements are positive integers that specify the ratio between durations of consecutive notes. For example, a <first> element with a value of 2 and a <second> element with a value of 1 applied to eighth notes specifies a quarter note / eighth note tuplet playback, where the first note is twice as long as the second note. Ratios should be specified with the smallest integers possible. For example, a ratio of 6 to 4 should be specified as 3 to 2 instead.

The <swing> element has no effect for playback of grace notes, notes where a <type> element is not present, and notes where the specified <duration> is different than the nominal value associated with the specified <type>. If a swung note has attack and release attributes, those values modify the swung playback.


In this order




This element is used in the following examples:

<metronome-note>, <straight>, <swing>