The <supports> element

Parent element: <encoding>

The <supports> element indicates if a MusicXML encoding supports a particular MusicXML element. This is recommended for elements like <beam>, <stem>, and <accidental>, where the absence of an element is ambiguous if you do not know if the encoding supports that element. It also allows programs to indicate support for specific attributes, or specific attributes with specific values. This lets applications communicate, for example, that all system and/or page breaks are contained in the MusicXML file.


Always empty.


Name Type Required? Description
element NMTOKEN Yes Indicates the element that is supported or not by the encoding.
type yes-no Yes If yes, the absence of a particular element with a specified attribute or value is meaningful. It indicates that this information is not present in the score. If no, the absence is not meaningful because the encoding does not include this type of information.
attribute NMTOKEN No Indicates a specific element attribute that is supported or not by the encoding.
value token No Indicates a specific attribute value that is supported or not by the encoding. Only used together with the attribute attribute.


This element is used in the following examples:

<identification>, <supports>, Tutorial: Après un rêve, Tutorial: Chopin Prelude, Tutorial: Chord Symbols, Tutorial: Percussion, Tutorial: Tablature