The <glyph> element

Parent element: <appearance>

The <glyph> element represents what Standard Music Font Layout (SMuFL) glyph should be used for different variations of symbols that are semantically identical. The type attribute specifies what type of glyph is being defined. The element value specifies what SMuFL canonical glyph name to use, including recommended stylistic alternates.

The SMuFL canonical glyph name should match the type. For instance, a type of quarter-rest would use values restQuarter, restQuarterOld, or restQuarterZ. A type of g-clef-ottava-bassa would use values gClef8vb, gClef8vbOld, or gClef8vbCClef. A type of octave-shift-up-8 would use values ottava, ottavaBassa, ottavaBassaBa, ottavaBassaVb, or octaveBassa.




Name Type Required? Description
type glyph-type Yes The type of glyph that is being defined.


This element is used in the following examples:

<defaults>, <glyph>, Tutorial: Percussion