kind-value data type

A kind-value indicates the type of chord. Degree elements can then add, subtract, or alter from these starting points. The 11th and 13th values are usually used as a basis for alteration.

Base type: string

Allowed values

augmented Triad: major third, augmented fifth.
augmented-seventh Seventh: augmented triad, minor seventh.
diminished Triad: minor third, diminished fifth.
diminished-seventh Seventh: diminished triad, diminished seventh.
dominant Seventh: major triad, minor seventh.
dominant-11th 11th: dominant-ninth, perfect 11th.
dominant-13th 13th: dominant-11th, major 13th.
dominant-ninth Ninth: dominant, major ninth.
French Functional French sixth.
German Functional German sixth.
half-diminished Seventh: diminished triad, minor seventh.
Italian Functional Italian sixth.
major Triad: major third, perfect fifth.
major-11th 11th: major-ninth, perfect 11th.
major-13th 13th: major-11th, major 13th.
major-minor Seventh: minor triad, major seventh.
major-ninth Ninth: major-seventh, major ninth.
major-seventh Seventh: major triad, major seventh.
major-sixth Sixth: major triad, added sixth.
minor Triad: minor third, perfect fifth.
minor-11th 11th: minor-ninth, perfect 11th.
minor-13th 13th: minor-11th, major 13th.
minor-ninth Ninth: minor-seventh, major ninth.
minor-seventh Seventh: minor triad, minor seventh.
minor-sixth Sixth: minor triad, added sixth.
Neapolitan Functional Neapolitan sixth.
none Used to explicitly encode the absence of chords or functional harmony. In this case, the <root> <numeral>, or <function> element has no meaning. When using the <root> or <numeral> element, the <root-step> or <numeral-step> text attribute should be set to the empty string to keep the root or numeral from being displayed.
other Used when the harmony is entirely composed of add elements.
pedal Pedal-point bass
power Perfect fifth.
suspended-fourth Suspended: perfect fourth, perfect fifth.
suspended-second Suspended: major second, perfect fifth.
Tristan Augmented fourth, augmented sixth, augmented ninth.

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