WAI Coordination Call Teleconference

16 June 2021


brentb, janina, jeanne, Judy, tzviya
Brent, brentb, jeanne

Meeting minutes

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<brentb> Judy: Any regrets?

<Judy> Chris regrets for June 30th

Publication announcements? Any new/upcoming documents? https://www.w3.org/WAI/cc/wiki/WAI_Announcement_Drafts

<brentb> Judy: Are there any new or upcoming documents or announcements.

<brentb> ... Also, are any groups working on any new documents?

<brentb> ... Update on Silver around status?

<brentb> Jeanne: A proposal for standardizing various maturity models across the industry. How to have a maturity model for addressing WCAG.

<brentb> Judy: Is it a maturity model, or trying to standardize across models?

<brentb> Jeanne: It is a maturity model, can work for WCAG 2 or WCAG 3. Thinking about publishing as a W3C Note.

<brentb> Judy: Timeline?

<brentb> Jeanne: Hope to introduce as part of the August Heartbeat, or maybe later.

<brentb> Judy: Need to be thinking of the fit and resources around this.

<tzviya> https://w3c.github.io/epub-specs/reports/eu-a11y-mapping/

<brentb> Tzviya: EPUB has not been adding documents / announcements to this. I will follow up on that.

<ChrisLoiselle> EPUB Accessibility - EU Accessibility Act Mapping

<brentb> ... EPUB creating a working group Note. Tight timeline on this. Need to be sure other groups are aware.

<Judy> [JB Hi Shawn please be aware of the document that Tzviya just added a link to above. Tzviya has said that she will make sure that someone from her group adds it to the announcement planning list.]

<brentb> Judy: Timeline?

<brentb> Tzviya: Believe June is apporximate timeline.

<brentb> Judy: Timeline is too tight to accomplish in 10 days. Will follow-up with you, to take a look at it and help with process.

<Zakim> janina, you wanted to discuss Synchronization

<brentb> Janina: Our Task Force has been collecting data to move on a Note about media synchronization. Looking to push first published working draft by October - TPAC time.

<brentb> Judy: Jeanne, would be good you are aware of this Note in terms of Silver (3.0).

<brentb> Janina: Note will have more information on logistical numbers and other specs for media synchronization.

Input from Chairs & Facilitators to upcoming extended WAI team meeting on WAI priorities, workflow, updating vision

<brentb> Judy: This item is informational with an invitation to chairs and facilitators.

<brentb> ... Would like some input about the WAI team meeting. Are their other agenda items that we should be including in the meetings?

<Judy> [INPUT to WAI EXT Meeting -- misbehaving bots. - Janina]

<Judy> [INPUT to WAI EXT Meeting -- new W3C Statement, process missing, no HR. - Janina]

<brentb> Janina: Topic of the New Process for Notes.

<Judy> [INPUT to WAI EXT Meeting -- coordination of research areas; re-examining utility of APIs in coming period. - Janina]

<brentb> Judy: Regarding bots, please email Ralph when the bots are not working correctly. Please do this real time if you can.

<brentb> ... When minutes are getting broken, the breakage needs to be communicated and documented so that it can be addressed.

<brentb> Judy: Horizontal review issue. Please follow-up with me on which document didn't seem to have sufficient review so we can follow-up.

<brentb> Judy: Re-examining utility of APIs. Can you look at the AOM in the next few weeks?

<brentb> Janina: Can try by the 28th or the call after.

<brentb> Jeanne: Wanted to bring up that the maturity model is something that the WAI staff could look at.

<brentb> Judy: Other topics for the WAI team meeting?

<brentb> Can't think of anything specific now. Will follow-up if something comes to mind.

<brentb> Chris: Nothing at this moment

<Zakim> jeanne, you wanted to laugh and say that I wanted to bring up Maturity Model for the staff meeting

<Zakim> janina, you wanted to note that the bots are still misbehaving re minutes

Newer Task Force Facilitators, checking on orientation

<brentb> Judy: Across the WAI groups, we have several new task force facilitators. Are they receiving the orientation needed?

<brentb> Chris: From what I have access to, I have been working with Team contacts for most information needed. All in all nothing else is needed. Can't speak for other facilitator.

<brentb> Judy: Jeanne, you mentioned that you thought you were not receiving system notices. Is that still the case?

<ChrisLoiselle> I don't think I'm on the chairs list as well. At least I don't believe I am. Is there a particular alias I should be looking for?

<brentb> Jeanne: Hard to say. I receive some notices, wouldn't know what I am missing.

<brentb> Jeanne: Sometimes I don't know if notices are going to facilitators or to chairs.

<brentb> Judy: Filed bug on improving system notices. [They] are working on some of this. I will add it back to action list to follow-up on.

Brief update on arranging training on deaf culture, colleagues, interpreters, etc https://dspa.org/workshops-classes/

<brentb> Judy: Previously, there has been interest in this group around workshops / training around deaf culture, colleagues, interpreters, etc. Looking at when to schedule some of these workshops.

Continuing discussion on diversity within WAI: intersecting needs with older users

<brentb> ... Most of the DSPA workshops are U.S. centric and W3C is not. Asking them to internationalize them.

<brentb> Tzviya: This is one way I get people to care about accessibility.

<brentb> ... All features are usually useful to all people. Even though it helps the aging population, it will support all users.

<brentb> Jeanne: The groups working on cognitive related guidelines work on addressing this. Things like consistant navigation, captchas, etc. It is important and hope it will continue to be a big part of WCAG 3

<brentb> ... Not specifically addressing the elderly, it is more woven in. Not aware of any age related guidelines, but can address if it comes up.

<Judy> [INPUT TO WAI EXT MTG -- age-related aspects of WAI guidelines]

Brent: In all of our resources, we try to weave this in. We have personas. The WCAG Videos project, some of the people will be people with age-related issues.

Judy: Are we apprroaching things in the same way, or are there other things we should coordinate?
… Andrew Arch had done specific work in the past.

<ChrisLoiselle> FYI I see https://www.w3.org/WAI/older-users/changelog/ , https://www.w3.org/WAI/older-users/developing/ and https://www.w3.org/WAI/older-users/ based off of https://www.w3.org/WAI/search/?q=age

<Judy> jb: what about accessibility for kids -- early stages of trying to coordinate?

<brentb> Jeanne: Someone active in the Silver TF was interested in digging into this, looking for more people who were interested.

<brentb> ... Asked her to look for user needs around this.


<brentb> Tzviya: Curious about where this [kids with disabilities] is coming from, and why different than other people with disabilities.

Judy: Assessment industry.

Judy: Chris, anything age related when it comes to low vision?

Chris: Yes working on adding in context.

Judy: Kim, Aged specific issues come up in mobile? Anything mapped directly to age specific content.

Kim: No, but noted.

Judy: Is there more specific messaging that should be added to WAI materials on this? If so bring it to my attention.

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