Web Fonts Working Group Teleconference

08 June 2021


chris, Garret, sergeym, Vlad

Meeting minutes

Vlad: main topic is proposed woff2 recommendation update.

Vlad: background on woff2 overlaps flags.

Vlad: when we made the preprocessing steps that flag was lost due to optimizations.

Vlad: works for most, but not all rasterizers.

Vlad: first reported in 2018

Vlad: now we've found a relatively easy fix to resolve it.

Vlad: fix is in email with specific edits.

Vlad: one action item was for Garret to do a test run and see if modified font would remain backwards compatible.

Vlad: that looks to be true.

Vlad: so old decoders will ignore the data. New ones will see it.

Vlad: only further changes is naming of the bit array field.

Vlad: any objections?

<chris> changes look good to me

no objections

<chris> where is the test?

Vlad: chris can elaborate further on candidate recommendations.

Chris: previous process when you publish recommendation there's a link to a errata document. Eventually those can be patched in. Then proposed req, ac review.

Chris: this is confusing to some.

<Vlad> Previously issued errata: https://www.w3.org/Fonts/REC-WOFF2-20180301-errata.html

Chris: so there's now a new option. You republish a recommendation, you can see the old text and new text.

Chris: since errata are difficult to read.

Chris: only one or two specifications that have done this.

Chris: you need to add insert/delete elements in the mark to show the changes.

Chris: you have candidate corrections with minimum 60 day reviews. After that you can actually make the changes and make them normative.

Chris: this is a good way forward as the spec remains also a recommendation.

Vlad: the review period, can it be longer? is there any benefit?

Chris: depends on the scope and size of the change.

<chris> https://www.w3.org/Fonts/REC-WOFF2-20180301-errata.html

Chris: I think 60 days for this small change is fine.

Chris: we already have one errata, so we should include that as. well.

Chris: we need a specific resolution to publish recomendation.

Vlad: we decided that a 60 day review period is acceptable and the group has agreed to publish the recommendation.

Resolution: publish updated Recommendation of WOFF2 wth candidate corrections

Vlad: ask that everyone review the proposed changes.

Vlad: two additional paragraphs will following existing bounding box paragraphs.

I'm planning to make the proposed code changes to the woff2 decoder/encoder.

Chris: Vlad should have access to make the changes.

Vlad: next call on 22nd of June.

Summary of resolutions

  1. publish updated Recommendation of WOFF2 wth candidate corrections
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