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04 June 2021


AngelaAccessForAll, ChrisLoiselle, Chuck_, Fazio, Francis_Storr, Jan, jeanne, jennifer, JF, KimD, Laura_Carlson, Lauriat, Rain, sajkaj, sarahhorton, SuzanneTaylor, ToddLibby
jeanne, Shawn

Meeting minutes

<ChrisLoiselle> Unable to scribe.

sl: Looks for update info

Update on May heartbeat draft

Chuck_: Some valid concerns were raised and we've been working those issues out

Chuck_: All -1 votes have changed to +1 and we are good as of the moment

jeanne: Questions?


Commenting on scripts for EO videos

jeanne: Recalls was discussed briefly last week ...

jeanne: This is a series of short videos from E&O about specific SC criteria, but are writing them in a way that will work for both 2.x and 3

<Lauriat> Survey link, I think I found it: https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/1/WCAGvideos_batch2thorough/

jeanne: Comments requested on any script of particular interest

jeanne: It'

It's not necessary to comment on all scripts

. You can pick and choose!

. Survey closes 7 June, I believe

<ChrisLoiselle> due June 7th. Per Brent's email.

Moving to subgroup over W3C calendar app

jeanne: Apologies for overload from the calendar invite

jeanne: Was my error with the new system

jeanne: Proposing to move all subgroup meetings to this calendar

jeanne: Allows subgroup leaders to add and delete participants

jeanne: Have some subgroups set up, but not all

jeanne: If I'm not regularly in your subgroup, please email me with data!

Chuck_: Curious about user error?

Chuck_: Is it very easy to get confused? Or is it just a learning issue?

jeanne: Believe it will be easy and convenient once we learn to use it

jeanne: I misinterpreted a field definition

jeanne: i.e."End Field" is meeting end, not something else

jeanne: But once meeting flagged out of draft, it's forwarded to the list

jeanne: Don't set it to 'confirm' until you know you've got it right!

jeanne: Requesting patience with newbie error!

<Chuck_> Thank you for doing the recon for us

Lauriat: Sounds useful!

Meeting schedule discussion

jeanne: Notes Errors guideline didn't fair as well as hoped on AGWG call

jeanne: Consequently, following discussion, we're going to try and get AGWG info about upcoming decision points earlier

jeanne: So, trying to figure out what various subgroups want in August draft so it can be forwarded to AGWG well before we're trying to publish

<Chuck_> +1 to strategy

jeanne: Does also mean we'll be meeting with AGWG weekly, at least through June, and probably through July

jeanne: Is that OK? Any objections?

jeanne: Do we also need to have Silver on Tuesday in addition?

jeanne: Most interested in hearing from Makoto, so seems he's adjusted

<JF> +1 shawn

Lauriat: Whatever we discuss can also be sent out

sarahhorton: Notes Errors presented to this group multiple times, and also to AGWG some weeks ago, ...

sarahhorton: Absolutely believe in getting concepts out early

sarahhorton: Not sure what will be enough given the experience this week

sarahhorton: How do we get them invested in successful outcomes

Chuck_: Just brainstorming ...

Chuck_: Individuals on both groups have expressed interested in migrating content

Chuck_: Hoping more participants will be more familiarity and investment

Chuck_: Additionally, believe Jeanne is formulating a proposal to AGWG based on a long standing AGWG process

Chuck_: So that may help

<Zakim> Lauriat, you wanted to note the regularity on publishing, in hopes of reducing fears of missing August (or a particular draft) so we can also get used to iterating on the work as helpful

Lauriat: Believe those will help ...

Lauriat: Hopefully publishing regularly will also help

Lauriat: So, if some content piece misses a particular heartbeat, the next one will be soon, and therefore the opportunity to get it in sooner, not later

Lauriat: Heartbeats should also give greater ease about including content, because it will be clearer all drafts can be changed

Lauriat: Recalls also the open question about changing Friday Silver telecon time? Or adding back the Tuesday Silver call?

Lauriat: Thoughts?

Chuck_: I like reduced meetings, but have continued to join even the cancelled Tuesday call just in case

Chuck_: Just incase someone shows up with something to discuss

sajkaj: Like a Clubhouse room! :)

[group rifs on Clubhouse]

<Lauriat> +1 to that idea

<Lauriat> (the meetings, not the clubhouse naming)

jeanne: Hearing no objections ...

jeanne: Tuesday call not deleted, but not formally expected at least through June and July

jeanne: Friday call will continue

jeanne: Please check public-silver@w3.org for AGWG agenda and WBS survey! It's important to the process

Lauriat: Suggest a quick email followup on our list

Lauriat: Makes it clear and provides opportunity for any others to comment

Plan for August heartbeat draft

<KimD> +1 to Tuesday flexibility

<jeanne> o Conformance Options wants a proposal on 3rd party content

<jeanne> o probably more from Errors

<jeanne> o Structured Content wants new material but need more participation

<jeanne> o Accessibility for Children Community Group has restarted and

<jeanne> will be working on user needs and identifying research gaps.

<jeanne> This probably will not be part of the August heartbeat but is

<jeanne> useful to get started.

jeanne: Notes discussion last week ...

jeanne: Conformance Options will have Third Party Content proposal

jeanne: Errors expects to have more content ready

jeanne: Accessibility for Children has restarted and will be working--but not August

jeanne: Asks about Visual Contrast??

ChrisLoiselle: Internal discussions for particular PRs, at the moment no additional

ChrisLoiselle: Can't yet say for August

jeanne: So the PRs are the key?

ChrisLoiselle: Yes

jeanne: So, we'll need to schedule AGWG time for that

SuzanneTaylor: XR subgroup can try to have 2 methods for caption timing

SuzanneTaylor: We can try to go through the process, currently revising the drafts to get more feedback

jeanne: Any timeline?

SuzanneTaylor: Not sure

SuzanneTaylor: Trying to get consensus from group

SuzanneTaylor: probably mid July

jeanne: that would work

jeanne: Goal is to have everything introduced and perhaps through the process by end July

<Chuck_> Janina: Question on contrast. CSS flagged something for us. Is there something we can pass on to CSS?

<Chuck_> Chris: From point of conversing with W3C, there's been discussions between the need to bridge between the groups informally and would like to do that.

<Chuck_> Chris: I haven't spoken to anybody specifically on that topic.

<Chuck_> Janina: Let me know if there's a best write-up I can point CSS towards. I'll make them aware. I think they will be excited to see it.

<Chuck_> Chris: Any email or thread please forward to me.

<Chuck_> Janina: But nothing in the form of draft yet?

<Chuck_> Chris: No, not yet.

Lauriat: Other questions on heartbeat?

jeanne: Other groups not yet reported? COGA input?

Jan_: Just had a kickoff meeting to start work on help and links back to Content Usable

jan Don't know whether it will be ready for August

Jan_: Can touch base

jeanne: Glad to hear it's started

Rain: Exactly, but also another subgroup looking at Clear Words

jeanne: Would be most helpful, thanks

<Fazio> John Rochford EA Draffan are very active on clear words

Jan_: That's our only new guideline which isn't a migration from 2.x so far

<Fazio> we just discussed it yesterday

Fazio: Maturity Model -- will be presenting to AGWG soon, and will be meeting next Friday to preview --

jeanne: Would you like to present next Friday here?

Fazio: Possibly

Fazio: Will run it by the group

jeanne: There's time next week

Fazio: Will advise

jeanne: Please keep Shawn and me in the loop; and please advise when ready to present

jeanne: Usually need a few weeks warning to get calendered onto AGWG agenda

Lauriat: I will update via email on list re upcoming meetings schedule

Lauriat: Bye to all!

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