Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

02 June 2021


janina, jasonjgw, joconnor, John_Paton, scott_h, SteveNoble

Meeting minutes

XR Accessibility User Requirements (XAUR) - open issues.

jgw: Updates status -- recalls waiting on followup ...

josh: We have progress, one update

josh: Issue relating to automation

<joconnor> https://github.com/w3c/apa/issues/169

josh: Believe was for RAUR, not XAUR ...

<joconnor> Deaf and signing issues: Automatic Speech Recognition [XAUR] #169

josh: Suggest parking the above for a future RAUR rev

jgw: Are waiting on future clarification with open XAUR issues?

<joconnor> http://raw.githack.com/w3c/apa/main/xaur/index.html#signing-videos-and-text-description-transformation

josh: We're encouraging R&D, but noting avatars unsuitable for use

<joconnor> Captioning, Subtitling and Text: Support and customization

<joconnor> http://raw.githack.com/w3c/apa/main/xaur/index.html#captioning-subtitling-and-text-support-and-customization

josh: Checks on several edits ...

josh: Notes will be pinging COGA liaison on needed responses later today ...

jgw: Any sense of when might respond?

josh: No. It's been silent for weeks

<joconnor> JS: Josh is referring to our liason function at the APA call

<joconnor> JS: We will ping them then

<joconnor> JW: Lets see what comes back

<joconnor> JS: We are going to give them a deadline, end of June CFC

<joconnor> JS: We dont want the feedback to come last minute etc.

<joconnor> JW: Lets do that.

janina: Expect CfC end of June; COGA will be pinged to get ahead of that

<joconnor> JOSH: Any other comments, Judy?

<joconnor> JB: Not for now

<joconnor> JB: Chris H, any input?

<joconnor> https://github.com/w3c/apa/issues

Media synchronization.

<joconnor> JS: We've discussed this in APA planning call

<joconnor> Michael wants us to discuss the potential name etc

<joconnor> We are proposing Synchronization Accessibility User Requirements

<joconnor> <some lols>

<joconnor> JS: Thoughts?

<joconnor> JW: I have some time to help with that work

<joconnor> JS: Are we ok with SAUR?

<joconnor> JB: Brings up an issue about scope

<joconnor> a la Wendy

<joconnor> Also our recent *-aur docs are confusing for others.

<joconnor> Between XAUR and SAUR it could be more and more confusing

<joconnor> JS: They have long names also

<joconnor> As far as the *-aur aspect, that is in scope for APA charter

<joconnor> JB: Wendy is questioning the 'user' only parts of that.

<joconnor> JS: <gives background>

<joconnor> We see some specs that do not touch the UI in general, and mostly dont take them on.

<joconnor> But if they do impact a11y even if they are not aware of that - we look at them.

<joconnor> I think this is framed nicely and does include platform specific APIs

<joconnor> SteveN: Gives the suggestion SyncAUR

<joconnor> JB: Is that good?

<joconnor> JS: Dont know what it explains?

<joconnor> JS: Not clear.

<joconnor> JB: You would know it was a different word.

<Zakim> joconnor, you wanted to mention user requirements scope and platforms etc

josh: Reiterates that we can refer to the docs with part of their longer name to help avoid confusion

jgw: Asks whether this is an extension to MAUR?

<joconnor> JS: Michael raised this point

<joconnor> Its not just related to media - it is horizontal accross user requirements

<joconnor> It has implicatations and pertains to various technologies

<joconnor> JS: So we thought we can refer to the Media doc but not opening it up.

<joconnor> Josh also made this point

<joconnor> JS: Also in mainstream us - relates to lip syncing etc - most dont know that they do lip read for example

<joconnor> JW: That makes sense to write it up separately and connect it to other docs.

<joconnor> JW: Any objection to working on this?

<joconnor> Misgivings etc?

<joconnor> JB: V enthusiastic about this

<joconnor> JOC: I think it's an important missing piece

<joconnor> SH: Good work Steve Noble

<joconnor> JS: V useful - we need to reformat and make it visible, so it can be considered

<joconnor> JS: Also for our deaf friends, you may want to look at the wiki

<joconnor> https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/task-forces/research-questions/wiki/Media_Synchronization_Requirements

<joconnor> JW: As is the case with this work, it has a broad cross disability focus.

<joconnor> We are looking for comments and suggestions

<joconnor> JW: Lets take this up offline

<joconnor> JW: To take care of HTML doc conversion in GH

Web of Things and Devices and Sensors use cases.

<joconnor> JW: There is an update

<joconnor> I sent message to list

<joconnor> JW: That covers use cases we've thought of, dont know if communicated to WoT group?

<joconnor> JS: I've an update


<joconnor> That is the list of the specs that this group maintains

<joconnor> There are three new proposed ones.

<joconnor> Three API specs will be added in this new charter

<joconnor> <Gives overview of contacts - data - UI implications>

<joconnor> JS: We need to know they follow WCAG

<joconnor> Others are APIs tracking idleness and pressure

<joconnor> They are maybe not so relevant, but I think the contact API is.

<joconnor> We will say that before we sign off - others i18n etc have

<joconnor> I don't see any that inform previous WoT delta

<joconnor> Have been looking for hooks

<joconnor> JW: Q around specific comms preferences.. AAC etc - is that relevant?

<joconnor> JS: Its more personal data - dont know beyond that (generic contact details)

<joconnor> we can talk about it.

<joconnor> JW: We've discussed these in RQTF and are there additions - do we need more time?

<joconnor> JS: Just to remind e'one they are looking for specific user needs and requirements for spec and API design

<joconnor> JW: We did some of that, worth revisiting.

<joconnor> JOC: I'm wondering what happened with the previous WoT a11y feedback we gave?

<joconnor> JS: We are due a check in

<joconnor> JOC: I'll take care of that

<joconnor> <cool>

Joint working group meetings at TPAC 2021.

Action: Josh to ping WoT group to get update on status of previous a11y use cases

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2292 - Ping wot group to get update on status of previous a11y use cases [on Joshue O Connor - due 2021-06-09].

jgw: Notes WoT, and opportunity ...

<joconnor> JS: This is a nice segue

<joconnor> JW: We should revisit now


<joconnor> JS: <gives overview of how planning for TPAC works>

<joconnor> We want to follow on with WoT, RTC etc

<joconnor> JS: RTC Accessibility User Requirements will get forwarded today

<joconnor> We'd like to meet with Immersive Web, Timed Text

<joconnor> the new Media Sync work will need to be socialised

<joconnor> JB: <clarifies TPAC meaning>

<joconnor> JS: <Gives overview of the event>

<joconnor> JW: That's good - additions?

<joconnor> Questions on the proposed list?

<joconnor> JB: I;ve one relating to Immersive Captions CG

<joconnor> I hope there will be more collaboration between RQTF and Immersive Captions

<joconnor> I encourage us to take advantage of the TPAC venue for these meetings

<joconnor> Maybe restricted this year.

<joconnor> JS: I can off, because of APAs horizontal responsibility - but if you tell us who, what etc we can make that happen

<joconnor> JB: To Chris, there is so much going on in Immersive Captions we should co-ordinate

<joconnor> CH: Delighted - there are many in the group who are passionate about this.

<joconnor> Can also bring in Chris Patnoe

<joconnor> JB: Chris Patnoe (Google) is west coast and others would like to participate.

<joconnor> As a build up to TPAC we may switch times as needed.

<joconnor> To faciliate

<joconnor> JS: Yes, absolutely - lets prepare. Again, please think who and why

<joconnor> CH: Chris Patnoe is moving timezone

<joconnor> JB: <To follow up>

<joconnor> JW: We have a list - that will likely be updated

<joconnor> JS: Can be added to.

<joconnor> JS: Lets check in on it

<joconnor> JW: Lets look at it next week, and take it from there.

<joconnor> JS: Will be talking with other TFs today, RQTF ahead of game.

Requirements for the accessibility of audio output and potential user agent interventions.

<joconnor> JW: This comes from APA work, Janina?

<joconnor> JS: Drawing a blank

<joconnor> JW: Lets look at this - relates to potential seizures from audible stimulation etc

<joconnor> Seizure triggers

<joconnor> JS: Lets pipeline to Silver

<joconnor> JW: Audio transformations => People who are hard of hearing

<joconnor> JB: Sounds good

Summary of action items

  1. Josh to ping WoT group to get update on status of previous a11y use cases
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