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Meeting: Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference
12:48:46 [trackbot]
Date: 02 June 2021
12:49:29 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ XR Accessibility User Requirements (XAUR) - open issues.
12:49:29 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ Media synchronization.
12:49:29 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ Web of Things and Devices and Sensors use cases.
12:49:29 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ Joint working group meetings at TPAC 2021.
12:49:29 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ Requirements for the accessibility of audio output and potential user agent interventions.
12:49:32 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ Miscellaneous topics.
12:49:38 [jasonjgw]
zakim, list agenda
12:49:38 [Zakim]
I see 6 items remaining on the agenda:
12:49:39 [Zakim]
1. XR Accessibility User Requirements (XAUR) - open issues. [from jasonjgw]
12:49:39 [Zakim]
2. Media synchronization. [from jasonjgw]
12:49:39 [Zakim]
3. Web of Things and Devices and Sensors use cases. [from jasonjgw]
12:49:39 [Zakim]
4. Joint working group meetings at TPAC 2021. [from jasonjgw]
12:49:39 [Zakim]
5. Requirements for the accessibility of audio output and potential user agent interventions. [from jasonjgw]
12:49:40 [Zakim]
6. Miscellaneous topics. [from jasonjgw]
12:49:48 [jasonjgw]
chair: jasonjgw
12:49:52 [jasonjgw]
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scribe: janina
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zakim, next item
13:03:24 [Zakim]
agendum 1 -- XR Accessibility User Requirements (XAUR) - open issues. -- taken up [from jasonjgw]
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13:04:04 [janina]
jgw: Updates status -- recalls waiting on followup ...
13:04:06 [SteveNoble]
13:04:20 [scott_h]
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13:06:03 [joconnor]
13:06:36 [janina]
josh: We have progress, one update
13:06:47 [janina]
josh: Issue relating to automation
13:06:47 [joconnor]
13:07:09 [janina]
josh: Believe was for RAUR, not XAUR ...
13:07:51 [joconnor]
Deaf and signing issues: Automatic Speech Recognition [XAUR] #169
13:07:51 [janina]
josh: Suggest parking the above for a future RAUR rev
13:08:13 [janina]
jgw: Are waiting on future clarification with open XAUR issues?
13:08:13 [joconnor]
13:09:11 [janina]
josh: We're encouraging R&D, but noting avatars unsuitable for use
13:09:13 [joconnor]
Captioning, Subtitling and Text: Support and customization
13:09:21 [joconnor]
13:10:06 [janina]
josh: Checks on several edits ...
13:10:27 [joconnor]
13:10:29 [janina]
13:11:44 [janina]
josh: Notes will be pinging COGA liaison on needed responses later today ...
13:11:57 [janina]
jgw: Any sense of when might respond?
13:12:04 [janina]
josh: No. It's been silent for weeks
13:12:36 [joconnor]
JS: Josh is referring to our liason function at the APA call
13:12:46 [joconnor]
JS: We will ping them then
13:13:06 [joconnor]
JW: Lets see what comes back
13:13:16 [joconnor]
JS: We are going to give them a deadline, end of June CFC
13:13:33 [joconnor]
JS: We dont want the feedback to come last minute etc.
13:13:43 [joconnor]
JW: Lets do that.
13:14:04 [janina]
janina: Expect CfC end of June; COGA will be pinged to get ahead of that
13:14:32 [joconnor]
JOSH: Any other comments, Judy?
13:14:38 [joconnor]
JB: Not for now
13:15:01 [joconnor]
JB: Chris H, any input?
13:15:51 [joconnor]
13:17:48 [jasonjgw]
zakim, next item
13:17:48 [Zakim]
agendum 2 -- Media synchronization. -- taken up [from jasonjgw]
13:18:46 [joconnor]
JS: We've discussed this in APA planning call
13:18:55 [joconnor]
Michael wants us to discuss the potential name etc
13:19:13 [joconnor]
We are proposing Synchronization Accessibility User Requirements
13:19:20 [joconnor]
<some lols>
13:19:26 [joconnor]
JS: Thoughts?
13:19:37 [joconnor]
JW: I have some time to help with that work
13:20:01 [joconnor]
JS: Are we ok with SAUR?
13:20:42 [joconnor]
JB: Brings up an issue about scope
13:20:52 [joconnor]
a la Wendy
13:21:14 [joconnor]
Also our recent *-aur docs are confusing for others.
13:21:31 [joconnor]
Between XAUR and SAUR it could be more and more confusing
13:21:36 [joconnor]
JS: They have long names also
13:22:04 [joconnor]
As far as the *-aur aspect, that is in scope for APA charter
13:22:25 [joconnor]
JB: Wendy is questioning the 'user' only parts of that.
13:22:38 [joconnor]
JS: <gives background>
13:22:57 [joconnor]
We see some specs that do not touch the UI in general, and mostly dont take them on.
13:23:19 [joconnor]
But if they do impact a11y even if they are not aware of that - we look at them.
13:23:20 [joconnor]
13:23:27 [joconnor]
13:23:46 [joconnor]
q+ to mention user requirements scope and platforms etc
13:24:26 [joconnor]
I think this is framed nicely and does include platform specific APIs
13:25:38 [joconnor]
SteveN: Gives the suggestion SyncAUR
13:25:55 [joconnor]
JB: Is that good?
13:26:04 [joconnor]
JS: Dont know what it explains?
13:26:08 [joconnor]
JS: Not clear.
13:26:20 [joconnor]
JB: You would know it was a different word.
13:26:41 [joconnor]
ack me
13:26:41 [Zakim]
joconnor, you wanted to mention user requirements scope and platforms etc
13:27:59 [janina]
josh: Reiterates that we can refer to the docs with part of their longer name to help avoid confusion
13:28:54 [janina]
jgw: Asks whether this is an extension to MAUR?
13:29:49 [joconnor]
JS: Michael raised this point
13:30:08 [joconnor]
Its not just related to media - it is horizontal accross user requirements
13:30:28 [joconnor]
It has implicatations and pertains to various technologies
13:30:45 [joconnor]
JS: So we thought we can refer to the Media doc but not opening it up.
13:30:51 [joconnor]
Josh also made this point
13:31:19 [joconnor]
JS: Also in mainstream us - relates to lip syncing etc - most dont know that they do lip read for example
13:31:46 [joconnor]
JW: That makes sense to write it up separately and connect it to other docs.
13:31:54 [joconnor]
JW: Any objection to working on this?
13:32:21 [joconnor]
Misgivings etc?
13:32:32 [joconnor]
JB: V enthusiastic about this
13:32:43 [joconnor]
JOC: I think it's an important missing piece
13:32:52 [joconnor]
SH: Good work Steve Noble
13:33:19 [joconnor]
JS: V useful - we need to reformat and make it visible, so it can be considered
13:33:40 [joconnor]
JS: Also for our deaf friends, you may want to look at the wiki
13:33:59 [joconnor]
13:34:24 [joconnor]
JW: As is the case with this work, it has a broad cross disability focus.
13:34:39 [joconnor]
We are looking for comments and suggestions
13:35:00 [joconnor]
JW: Lets take this up offline
13:35:56 [joconnor]
JW: To take care of HTML doc conversion in GH
13:36:14 [jasonjgw]
zakim, next item
13:36:14 [Zakim]
agendum 3 -- Web of Things and Devices and Sensors use cases. -- taken up [from jasonjgw]
13:36:37 [joconnor]
JS: There is an update
13:36:43 [joconnor]
I sent message to list
13:36:55 [joconnor]
s/JS: There/JW: There
13:37:18 [joconnor]
JW: That covers use cases we've thought of, dont know if communicated to WoT group?
13:37:24 [joconnor]
JS: I've an update
13:37:29 [janina]
13:37:45 [joconnor]
That is the list of the specs that this group maintains
13:37:53 [joconnor]
There are three new proposed ones.
13:38:13 [joconnor]
Three API specs will be added in this new charter
13:38:40 [joconnor]
<Gives overview of contacts - data - UI implications>
13:38:55 [joconnor]
JS: We need to know they follow WCAG
13:39:31 [joconnor]
Others are APIs tracking idleness and pressure
13:39:51 [joconnor]
They are maybe not so relevant, but I think the contact API is.
13:40:10 [joconnor]
We will say that before we sign off - others i18n etc have
13:40:32 [joconnor]
I don't see any that inform previous WoT delta
13:40:44 [joconnor]
Have been looking for hooks
13:40:48 [joconnor]
13:41:20 [joconnor]
JW: Q around specific comms preferences.. AAC etc - is that relevant?
13:41:52 [joconnor]
JS: Its more personal data - dont know beyond that (generic contact details)
13:41:58 [joconnor]
we can talk about it.
13:42:12 [joconnor]
13:42:14 [joconnor]
13:42:46 [joconnor]
JW: We've discussed these in RQTF and are there additions - do we need more time?
13:43:16 [joconnor]
JS: Just to remind e'one they are looking for specific user needs and requirements for spec and API design
13:43:29 [joconnor]
JW: We did some of that, worth revisiting.
13:44:36 [joconnor]
JOC: I'm wondering what happened with the previous WoT a11y feedback we gave?
13:44:42 [joconnor]
JS: We are due a check in
13:44:46 [joconnor]
JOC: I'll take care of that
13:44:50 [joconnor]
13:44:51 [jasonjgw]
zakim, next item
13:44:51 [Zakim]
agendum 4 -- Joint working group meetings at TPAC 2021. -- taken up [from jasonjgw]
13:45:23 [joconnor]
ACTION: Josh to ping WoT group to get update on status of previous a11y use cases
13:45:29 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2292 - Ping wot group to get update on status of previous a11y use cases [on Joshue O Connor - due 2021-06-09].
13:45:32 [janina]
jgw: Notes WoT, and opportunity ...
13:45:41 [joconnor]
JS: This is a nice segue
13:45:51 [joconnor]
JW: We should revisit now
13:46:04 [janina]\
13:46:48 [joconnor]
JS: <gives overview of how planning for TPAC works>
13:47:16 [joconnor]
We want to follow on with WoT, RTC etc
13:47:48 [joconnor]
JS: RTC Accessibility User Requirements will get forwarded today
13:48:08 [joconnor]
We'd like to meet with Immersive Web, Timed Text
13:48:29 [joconnor]
the new Media Sync work will need to be socialised
13:48:46 [joconnor]
JB: <clarifies TPAC meaning>
13:49:03 [joconnor]
JS: <Gives overview of the event>
13:49:45 [joconnor]
JW: That's good - additions?
13:49:56 [joconnor]
Questions on the proposed list?
13:50:18 [joconnor]
JB: I;ve one relating to Immersive Captions CG
13:51:02 [joconnor]
I hope there will be more collaboration between RQTF and Immersive Captions
13:51:17 [joconnor]
I encourage us to take advantage of the TPAC venue for these meetings
13:51:26 [joconnor]
Maybe restricted this year.
13:51:58 [joconnor]
JS: I can off, because of APAs horizontal responsibility - but if you tell us who, what etc we can make that happen
13:52:32 [joconnor]
JB: To Chris, there is so much going on in Immersive Captions we should co-ordinate
13:52:54 [joconnor]
CH: Delighted - there are many in the group who are passionate about this.
13:53:08 [joconnor]
Can also bring in Chris Patnoe
13:54:10 [joconnor]
JB: Chris Patnoe (Google) is west coast and others would like to participate.
13:54:25 [joconnor]
As a build up to TPAC we may switch times as needed.
13:54:30 [joconnor]
To faciliate
13:55:06 [joconnor]
JS: Yes, absolutely - lets prepare. Again, please think who and why
13:55:42 [joconnor]
CH: Chris Patnoe is moving timezone
13:55:51 [joconnor]
JB: <To follow up>
13:56:27 [joconnor]
JW: We have a list - that will likely be updated
13:56:35 [joconnor]
JS: Can be added to.
13:57:07 [joconnor]
JS: Lets check in on it
13:57:21 [joconnor]
JW: Lets look at it next week, and take it from there.
13:57:46 [joconnor]
JS: Will be talking with other TFs today, RQTF ahead of game.
13:58:01 [jasonjgw]
zakim, next item
13:58:01 [Zakim]
agendum 5 -- Requirements for the accessibility of audio output and potential user agent interventions. -- taken up [from jasonjgw]
13:58:39 [joconnor]
JW: This comes from APA work, Janina?
13:58:46 [joconnor]
JS: Drawing a blank
13:59:29 [joconnor]
JW: Lets look at this - relates to potential seizures from audible stimulation etc
13:59:41 [joconnor]
Seizure triggers
13:59:52 [joconnor]
JS: Lets pipeline to Silver
14:00:15 [joconnor]
JW: Audio transformations => People who are hard of hearing
14:00:20 [joconnor]
JB: Sounds good
14:00:37 [joconnor]
zakim, list attendees
14:00:37 [Zakim]
As of this point the attendees have been jasonjgw, janina, SteveNoble, scott_h, John_Paton, joconnor
14:00:43 [joconnor]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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zakim, bye
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leaving. As of this point the attendees have been jasonjgw, janina, SteveNoble, scott_h, John_Paton, joconnor
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16:22:54 [MichaelC]
In APA review, the group wonders if the Contact Picker API is in scope of the WG, which otherwise focuses on APIs for specific hardware features. It seems that API might be more suited to the Web Platform Working Group (or whatever it is currently named). APA thinks this API would have more user interface implication than the other APIs. If this is in the charter, API requests to be included as a liaison in section 4.1, with text like "Coordinate on
16:22:54 [MichaelC]
accessibility of user interface features implied by the APIs".
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