Spoken Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

19 May 2021


ADR, Dee, Irfan_, janina, JF, paul_grenier, Roy, SteveNoble_

Meeting minutes

Agenda Review & Announcements

Irfan_: FPWD is out, feedback is coming. Any agenda additions?

JF: my action item, I was supposed to get back to accessing higher ground yesterday but we dropped the ball

Irfan_: thank you for the work on the wiki, we can have a detailed discussion when we review the action

FPWD Feedback

Irfan_: some feedback went to the apa list it will be sent to pronunciation or preferably github

janina: it's important that our contacts in the community and industry give us feedback, especially in the engineering spaces, by June 18

janina: we need to be proactive in our outreach efforts, not just an accessibility technology. Presenting at conferences will help.

<JF> As a preference, I like the in-line approach as mixing XML and JSON never seems to end well (as the W3C document discusses). That said, I don’t think any reservations there would overcome pervading requirements from clients asking for this. Or rather, for requirements set by where the content will be viewed (indeed, “read” in this context). Content validation would be easier with an embedded SSML model, but not insurmountable via JSON path. [CUT]

<JF> Content validation would be easier with an embedded SSML model, but not insurmountable via JSON path. Similar for epub generation. Summary: could go either way, but as noted, with a (historical) preference for not mixing JSON into an XML workflow.

JF: I'll work on making this feedback public

mhakkinen: I'm drafting an email for Speech Technology magazine

paul_grenier: I posted the FPWD to web-a11y.slack

alan: I heared feedback about the JSON being less favorable

Review Action Items


<Roy> close action-23

<trackbot> Closed action-23.

paul_grenier: I uploaded a template for our presentations to the github repo

<JF> https://github.com/w3c/pronunciation/wiki/Socialization

JF: we're missing deadlines. We'll need to move quickly to meet some of these dates.

Irfan_: I'll create a wiki page to collaborate

Other Business

Irfan_: what's the plan moving forward

janina: we have to wait for June 18 to make any decisions

janina: hopefully we get enough feedback by then to make decisions on updating the working draft and move toward normative language

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Maybe present: alan, mhakkinen