DXWG Plenary

18 May 2021


Ana, AndreaPerego, annette_g, Caroline_, kcoyle, plh
alejandra, antoine, RiccardoAlbertoni; DaveBrowning

Meeting minutes


<Caroline_> https://www.w3.org/2021/05/04-dxwg-minutes

<plh> +1

proposed: approve last meeting's minutes

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Resolution: approve last meeting's minutes

subgroup updates

AndreaPerego: for DCAT - not much news; the 2pwd was published, and there was no DCAT call last week

Caroline_: had an action to publish the letter on the W3C blog; but having trouble accessing the blog related to login
… who manages the web site for accounts?

plh: where did you send the email?

Caroline_: to sysbot
… that's the email that was on the web site

plh: forward it to me and I'll check

(break to look at kid!)

annette_g: was looking at AC list and not finding an announcement

plh: we don't announce new working drafts; would be way too many

Caroline_: was there an issue about the spreadsheet regarding organizations for promotion?

<Caroline_> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_f5CAZv7rgUjJH5YXkmD6w5xS6GX5X2AmEp_LMptAfQ/edit#gid=264706090

Caroline_: looks like no one did work on this

plh: does everyone have access to the spreadsheet?

Caroline_: They should; otherwise we keep it private but add users
… next group: guidance

<Caroline_> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-dxwg-wg/2021May/0043.html

kcoyle: need a mailing list so we can start to start

plh: place for documents?

kcoyle: guidance doesn't have its own repo
… but there are a lot of issues

<annette_g> what about https://w3c.github.io/dxwg/profiles/?

<plh> https://github.com/w3c/dxwg/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3Aprofile-guidance

<AndreaPerego> Profile Guidance issues: https://github.com/w3c/dxwg/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3Aprofile-guidance

<AndreaPerego> Profile Guidance ED is here: https://w3c.github.io/dxwg/profiles/

kcoyle: ACTION: kcoyle to ask group about creating specific repo

AndreaPerego: there are many issues that are also dCAT (and also PROF)

Action: kcoyle to ask group about creating specific repo

<trackbot> Created ACTION-448 - Ask group about creating specific repo [on Karen Coyle - due 2021-05-25].

AndreaPerego: there are just 16 that are also DCAT

<plh> https://github.com/w3c/dxwg/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3Aprofile-guidance++label%3Adcat+

AndreaPerego: just one that is also profile guidance

<AndreaPerego> https://github.com/w3c/dxwg/issues/1211

AndreaPerego: since there is just one it should be easy to resolve

Caroline_: anything else on this? (seems not)
… that ends the agenda; maybe look at open actions
… for plh, figure out how to update Data on the Web Vocabulary document

plh: it is owned by another group

<plh> https://github.com/w3c/w3process/issues/532

Caroline_: it's a working group note

plh: unless we move it to this working group then no one outside that group can edit the document

AndreaPerego: is it possible to publish a link to an amendment or erratum?

plh: suggested that we open an issue in the github repo of that note as a first step
… the process group has been looking at the notes track so something may change

Caroline_: action will stay open

plh: it may take months, but ok

Caroline_: action for blog is still open

<Zakim> AndreaPerego, you wanted to briefly discuss about https://github.com/w3c/dxwg/issues/1223

<AndreaPerego> https://www.specref.org/?q=vocab-dcat

AndreaPerego: re - tracking the API bug. There is an issue with DCAT relating to the short name of the specification
… problem is that because of something wrong in specref, the first entry related to VOCAB-DCAT key should be DCAT 2, but is DCAT 1
… there is a bug that means it is returning the wrong version of the document

plh: will look into that

Action: plh to look into specref problem

<trackbot> Created ACTION-449 - Look into specref problem [on Philippe Le Hégaret - due 2021-05-25].

Summary of action items

  1. kcoyle to ask group about creating specific repo
  2. plh to look into specref problem

Summary of resolutions

  1. approve last meeting's minutes
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