Web Payments Working Group

13 May 2021


Amy Slack (American Express), Chris Dee (FIS), Clinton Allen (American Express), David Benoit, Erhard Brand (Entersekt), Fawad Nisar (Discover), Gavin Shenker (Visa), Gerhard Oosthuizen (Entersekt), Gustav Kok (Netflix), Ian Jacobs (W3C), Jonathan Grossar (Mastercard), Nick Telford-Reed, Stephen McGruer (Google), Werner Bruinings (American Express)
Ian, nicktr

Meeting minutes

PR API Update

ian: today is a planning day
… starting with Payment request
… we are nearly ready to go back through "candidate recommendation"
… we are nearly done with the I18N comments
… we are considering whether to remove modifiers (see pr 957)

stephen: I didn't quite follow Marco's comments. I think we need to look at this in more detail, if it requires changes to the Chrome/GPay implementation

ian: I'm hearing "breaking shipped code" is not a great idea

<Ian> https://github.com/w3c/payment-request/wiki/REC_2020_Plan

ian: with that we have a tentative timeline
… if we started a CFC on Monday (which may be too ambitious) we'd be done by mid August

ian: [Hearing no questions]

SPC Update

<Ian> Timeline to SPC FPWD and shipping code

ian: we have a proposed timeline
… to answer the question "when might this be available"?
… this proposed plan has us shipping code in October
...which requires a CFC in July
… leading to a FPWD in August
...We have been working on user stories in a scope document and brand new requirements document. To help with design it is helpful to pull these out and make them more solid
...let me walk through these two docs

<Gerhard> Thanks Ian. Will check it out.

ian: including unique features
… possible use cases:

1. Enrollment outside of a transaction

2. In transaction enrollment (same merhchant)

3. Authentication (diff merchant)

4. Auth with out of band authenticator

5. Enrollment for both pay authentication and account login

6. Express checkout (no user presence check)

7. Express checkout

8. unenrollment of authenticator

9. Instrument detail update

10. Authentication by bank after redirect

ian: requirements then digs into more detail

ian: we hope to see a first draft in late June

nicktr: This is good work; thanks to people who have been involved
… please definitely look at the scope document

ian: we have volunteers for editors

Rechartering Schedule

<Ian> Timeline

ian: our charter expires at the end of Dec 2021
… to recharter, we go through a series of reviews:

1. Our own working group

2. Other groups (like I18N, A11Y...)

3. W3M

4. Members

ian: typically takes several months for the whole process during which we can continue to work
… we will revisit this in August
… I suspect we will refactor the charter around identity and instrument selection
… feedback is very important and welcome

TPAC 2021

<Ian> TPAC 2021 notes

ian: unfortunately TPAC 21 will not be in person
… it's fully remote
… our intention is to have 4x2hour meetings in the main week
… there is a second week of breakouts
… which is a great time to introduce innovative ideas or work

ian: TPAC falls around the time that the second origin trial of SPC will be concluding
… so hopefully we can hear the results, move the spec along, and recharter

<Ian> Ian: That's what I have for today. :)

<Ian> NickTR: Lots going on to advance specs, and these plans help us focus. We really appreciate feedback. Please take a few minutes to review materials and send comments or statements of support

<Ian> zakm, close this item

Next meeting

<Ian> 27 May


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