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11:06:30 [kaz]
meeting: WoT Marketing
11:07:00 [kaz]
present+ Kaz_Ashimura, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Daniel_Peintner, Kunihiko_Toumura, Michael_McCool, Tomoaki_Mizushima
11:11:47 [kaz]
scribenick: Mizushima
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11:12:34 [Mizushima]
Topic: Check Agenda
11:13:40 [Mizushima]
Topic: Check last minutes
11:14:42 [kaz]
i|Check last|-> Agenda|
11:14:57 [kaz]
-> May-4
11:15:41 [Mizushima]
Sebastian: no objectsion. approved
11:16:10 [kaz]
topic: Subtitles
11:16:17 [kaz]
-> Issue 141
11:16:51 [kaz]
s/Issue 141/Issue 141 - Multiple language support for the animation video/
11:17:40 [kaz]
-> PR 152 - Created
11:18:21 [Mizushima]
sebastion: group was not sure if this PR is ready.
11:19:00 [Mizushima]
... so French version is not marged.
11:21:47 [kaz]
kaz: Victor's comments are related to our own policy whether we should use technical acronyms in English or not, e.g., WoT
11:22:21 [kaz]
... I'm OK with simply using English acronyms for all the subtitles (like I did for the Japanese subtitles)
11:22:33 [kaz]
i/Victor's/scribenick: kaz/
11:24:18 [kaz]
s/Victor's/You should of course check with Victor, but it seems to me Victor's/
11:26:39 [kaz]
-> Sebatian adds a comment on that point
11:27:20 [kaz]
11:27:34 [Mizushima]
sebastion: next is web traffic
11:27:54 [kaz]
i/next/topic: Web page traffic/
11:28:26 [Mizushima]
-> Website analystics
11:28:26 [dape]
11:28:44 [kaz]
-> Issue 177 - Website analytics
11:28:47 [kaz]
ack k
11:29:08 [kaz]
kaz: thought you were asking Coralie about this as well?
11:29:41 [kaz]
dp: that was about only the blog post but not about the whole Web sites, wasn't it?
11:29:57 [kaz]
i/next is/scribenick: Mizushima/
11:30:07 [kaz]
i/thought/scribenick: kaz/
11:30:29 [kaz]
sk: thought it included web sites as well
11:30:37 [kaz]
... would ping Coralie
11:30:56 [kaz]
topic: Conferences
11:30:56 [Mizushima]
topic: API Conference & EclipseCon 2021
11:31:16 [kaz]
s/topic: A/subtopic: A/
11:31:33 [kaz]
-> IIoT Conference
11:31:48 [kaz]
sk: Siemens will give a presentation about sayWoT!
11:32:46 [Mizushima]
sebastion: There is no chance to speak at API Conference.
11:33:02 [kaz]
i/There/scribenick: Mizushima/
11:33:10 [Mizushima]
11:33:24 [kaz]
s/no chance/no chance for us Siemens/
11:33:44 [kaz]
11:33:45 [Mizushima]
dape: Ege is interesting.
11:34:00 [kaz]
11:34:31 [Mizushima]
kaz: you should check ege.
11:35:07 [Mizushima]
s/you/ Sebastian/
11:35:14 [kaz]
-> IoT Tech Expo North America
11:35:42 [kaz]
s/Sebastian should check/Sebastian, you should check with/
11:35:54 [kaz]
i/https:/subtopic: IoT Tech Expo/
11:36:42 [Mizushima]
kaz: W3C have a two session.
11:37:16 [Mizushima]
... This event is online event.
11:37:52 [kaz]
s/W3C/kaz: Alan Bird and myself were invited to the IoT Tech Expo North America/
11:38:19 [kaz]
s/This event is/This is an/
11:38:33 [Mizushima]
Sebastian: is there another event?
11:40:42 [kaz]
kaz: there is only one conference and there two sessions there :)
11:40:50 [Mizushima]
kaz: kaz mention about WoT and Smart City and so on.
11:41:10 [kaz]
i/there is/scribenick: kaz/
11:41:28 [kaz]
s/kaz mention about/will mention/
11:42:01 [Mizushima]
topic: Smart City Workshop
11:43:28 [Mizushima]
kaz: Michael McCool and Sebastian submit a talk about WoT.
11:45:00 [kaz]
(Kaz provides some idea about how to run the workshop; will propose the idea on the workshop PC list)
11:49:21 [Mizushima]
Sebastian: Who is Chair?
11:50:12 [kaz]
s/Sebastian: Who is Chair?//
11:54:04 [kaz]
[adjourned; Use Case call starts in 5 mins]
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rrsagent, make lob public
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I'm logging. I don't understand 'make lob public', kaz. Try /msg RRSAgent help
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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