WoT PlugFest

05 May 2021


Ege_Korkan, Fady_Salama, Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_Koster, Michael_McCool, Philipp_Blum, Tomoaki_Mizushima

Meeting minutes



McCool: ok with the minutes
… any objections?

(none; approved)


wiki page ready

GitHub repo also available

McCool: (shows the resources above)
… (and adds some more links to the GitHub repo's README.md)
… previous testfests and plugfests
… wiki pages
… (also updates the "To Do" section)
… (and then adds "Data and Results" section)

README.md updated

McCool: any template for the testing work?

Kaz: we can reuse the TD implementation report as the basis for our official test plan document

McCool: what about the GitHub pages for Testfest?

Kaz: maybe the pages we used in Sep 2020 might be useful

Testfest in Sep 2020

McCool: some of the resources under wot-thing-description-testing could be also reused


McCool: we need to prepare for the other specs like WoT Discovery as well
… under wot-discovery repo

Kaz: one of the questions is where to put what
… wot-testing or spec ares, e.g., wot-thing-description, wot-discovery, ...

McCool: where did we have our planning documents?

Kaz: thought the 2020.09.Online area included some resources

Ege: or the one under testfest?

testfest area

Kaz: maybe 2019-02-princeton or 2018-12-online might be helpful

McCool: will dig into the GitHub issues too
… also need to create a template for the data
… similar structure for CSV files like we used for the March Plugfest

McCool: any other points to make the Testfest smooth?

Kaz: the README.md file for the Princeton Testfest had information on Producer Implementers and Consumer Implementers
… I think we need to re-generate that kind of framework as well
… we should clarify which implementation (software/hardware) should be considered as which spec's implementation when we check the assertions

McCool: yeah
… (adds a link to "What is an Implementation" within the TD/README.md)


McCool: Producers, Consumers, Processors, ...
… node-wot belongs to Producers and Consumers
… need to copy initial version out of last year's implementation report

TD Implementations

McCool: please provide PRs to improve the plan


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