SDW teleconference

22 March 2021


alexr, AndreaPerego, brinkwoman, ByronCinNZ, christian, clara, ClemensPortele, eparsons, Gobe, josephabhayaratna, JoshLie, jtandy, jvanulde, MichaelGordon, nfino, PeterR, roba, RobSmith, ScottSimmons, SteveO, sts, Ted
PeterR, ted

Meeting minutes

<jtandy> https://w3c.github.io/sdw/roadmap/charter-2020.html

Charter - some updates from w3c. Scope: create web standards for geospatial

Background was in scope, now moved to 4.1 - background.

ScottSimmons: re-charter existing wg - expedited comment, followed by simple vote in plenary TC or email

jtandy: will do vote by email

jtandy: will check with Ted from w3c side

jtandy: please look at charter, not too late for amendments.

ScottSimmons: will add some suggestions

jtandy: w3c are also seeking to have better understanding on accessibility and inclusion work.

jtandy: accessibility related to location info e.g. accessible routes. Want to roll into re-vamp of BP doc

brinkwoman: A bit early, discussions with M Cooper w3c. Could have discussions between our group and others doing accessibility work

<brinkwoman> PeterR: focus on map accessibility right now in mapML CG

brinkwoman: For me, not quite clear but it does sound like something we could help with

PeterR: we have been working on accessibility this winter with Fizz Studio, community members

chris little: accessibility - change from CamelCase to Kebab_Kase - is there an accessibility issue that w3c group could comment on

jtandy: agenda item: Clara to update on Best Practices; updates proposed by Andrea re:DCAT 2

PR https://github.com/w3c/sdw/pull/1247

jtandy: Simon Cox raised issue that Best Practice formatting could be improved

jtandy: need members to help Clara updating Thank you!

clara: changing country location has precluded a lot of work on BP doc. Very pleased to have help... meeting at beginning of April

<AndreaPerego> https://github.com/w3c/sdw/pull/1247

jtandy: Topic PR above - what are the changes Andrea?

AndreaPerego: Mostly editorial changes. More extensive support to spatial and temporal

AndreaPerego: New curves, bounding boxes, two props for spatial and temporal resolution

AndreaPerego: Have updated examples using DCAT for specification of geometries and spatial resolution

AndreaPerego: No changes to recommendations. Some changes include updates to geospatial extensions to DCAT (new version).

AndreaPerego: some additional properties that were not included in earlier version.

jtandy: PR that Andrea made is quite detailed; other changes such as units vocab - is that what you meant by extra changes

<JoshLie> +1

AndreaPerego: Yes, have harmonized vocab - unfortunately last time formatting issues, the library used for w3c specs included some stuff not desirable

<jtandy> https://github.com/w3c/sdw/issues/1248

AndreaPerego: w3c spec thing doesn't take into account some of what we did in our BP doc, should be addressed on W3C side

AndreaPerego: Yes this relates to the 1248 issue mentioned by jtandy

jtandy: brinkwoman and jtandy to take up with Ted @ w3c, get addressed.

jtandy: Are there any other comments re: formatting etc, waiting for moment to include changes

brinkwoman: 2016/2017 will there be interest in renewing effort on (?)

<brinkwoman> on standardizing GeoDCAT-AP at OGC

AndreaPerego: It's an option; was an initiative of OGC; interest on part of stakeholders?

Gobe: was discussion. Is in accord with charter, or to extend other charter to extend geodcat AP

jtandy: Is there any action short term for this group or elsewhere?

roba: currently working related to use cases for profiling ogc standards. This is an interesting use case.

roba: Anyone referencing geodcat AP as if it is a thing?

<Gobe_> GeoDCAT-AP Discussion Paper published in 2019 https://portal.ogc.org/files/?artifact_id=82475

<Gobe_> typo - API should have been AP

<AndreaPerego> GeoDCAT-AP current version here: https://semiceu.github.io/GeoDCAT-AP/releases/

roba: will set up assertions, GeoDCAT-AP experimental relations

roba: People could reply with if that is a good way of looking at the world. Give it experimental status.

jtandy: Use SDW github repo, create issue

roba: I will do that

JoshLie: has been discussed: ? linked features interop experiments and conclusion that most effective way to connect web and real world is range 14

<roba> NB OGC definitions server supports range-14 redirects ;-)

JoshLie: looking to do that in disaster pilot. interesting, because it's a hack 303 redirect see other by delving into page you're redirected to you then deduce after the fact that you were at something physical. Similar in web of things, even though thing...

JoshLie: is now the time to attack that basic property of the web. http 3xx series represent redirections, why not create one specific to this use case?

JoshLie: the redirect itself carries the connection

JoshLie: connect physical anc cyber domains via redirect code. How to suggest that info on web is a representation of something in the real world?

jtandy: Who owns HTTP spec? A: ietf.

jtandy: This is something we could take action, reach out to them. Clemens, do you have any contacts?

ClemensPortele: I can look up, send email.

JoshLie: My suggestion is that we consider it as item for revised charter. Underpins other efforts to incorporate geo into web more fundamentally, explicitly

chris little: since we have to talk to AR people, they always are describing real world things.

<ClemensPortele> IETF HTTP Core repository: https://github.com/httpwg/http-core. For example, see https://httpwg.org/http-core/draft-ietf-httpbis-semantics-latest.html

JoshLie: AR has bypassed using URLs for physical objects.

jtandy: have AR group on our coordination list in charter; may want to clarify that.

JoshLie: Could include this item in discussions with the AR group as well.

<ClemensPortele> And this the home for extensions that are under development: https://github.com/httpwg/http-extensions

roba: generalize; using new code is one aspect. Some work has been done, conneg by profile, CRS; whole range of dimensions to choose appropriate representation, not 100% sure that status code is the way to go. It should be on the charter, share liason work. range 14: spike original source properly?

roba: look at mechanisms for identifying representations.

JoshLie: these are complementary mechanisms, Rob.

<ClemensPortele> And if someone is interested in progressing conneg by profile in IETF, consider the current discussion in the IETF HTTP API WG, e.g., https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/msg/httpapi/1OUzbFITjwXufIzJe6SKSXjdLfI/

jtandy: BP is split, is this an emerging practice?

roba: the generalization of conneg is pushing the envelope

RobSmith: AR: geopose group, discussion with M McCool

<RobSmith> https://w3c.github.io/wot-usecases/#ar-guide

jtandy: Clara will send an email doodle poll for meeting

Gobe: please register attendance on OGC portal

<Zakim> ClemensPortele, you wanted to mention the links I have added

<Gobe_> All, for those with OGC Portal accounts, please register your attendance on the OGC Portal https://portal.ogc.org/?m=projects&a=view&project_id=476&tab=6

ClemensPortele: I added links to HTTP group above - both their core and extensions, and a link to current semantics document. Conneg by profile - discussion on IETF working group. If you want to progress that, you should volunteer in those discussions.

jtandy: challenge to keep http simple yet broad enough.

<roba> the discussion is mixing up two things - media type profiles vs negotiation by profile

roba: having looked at discussion; Lars brought conneg up to data exchange wg; ability to provide different views of same data. Involved in definitions server. Mixing profiling of mime type with conneg by profile.

roba: xml can have a profile that is gml. Couple of different things at play, to be aware of.

jtandy: seems to be multiple bodies trying to pursue. would it be helpful to organize a session on how to engage with different standardization groups. what do you think?

brinkwoman: might be of interest. conneg by crs.

roba: look at in context of OGC API suite. Access same feature in multiple ways. how does OGC API get in the way of doing that?

ClemensPortele: To make progress, needs to be taken up by IETF, not just OGC.

jtandy: brinkwoman and jtandy to package this as a problem to solve, organize a session to define a direction

jtandy: SDW BP document - have option of going through, identifying where Clara is seeking assistance. Open question.

clara: Please fill in doodle poll

roba: shapechange to create our model from UML. Other models could benefit. Are you aware of other models, e.g. LandINfra, cityGML Looking for a UML to RDF conversion. How good is the tooling?

ClemensPortele: Send me an email about that. There has been progress in some places, but not sure where it's at now, can check.

RobSmith: Activities in TC: I'm presenting at GeoAI; there is a GeoEthics and GeoPose group presentations on geovideo.

<ted> Peter: we are going to hold an adhoc tomorrow on MapML, same time as this meeting

… goal to engage browser teams through the W3C for mainstreaming maps in browsers, emphasis on accessibiity needs
… intend to launch a OGC SWIG

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